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Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist; A member of the board of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok

Tax Cuts For The “Insert name here”

Don’t expect ShaHodeSheaPorter to wrestle with this conundrum; while running for office in 2008 they insisted that the Bush Tax cuts were "for the rich," or "the wealthiest Americans."  The class warfare rhetoric made the case that Republicans didn’t provide tax relief for anyone else, and the democrats promised to remedy this the moment they …

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Voting Rights Testimony

Pajamas Media has the text of Christopher Coats testimony regarding the dismissal of the Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.  It is well worth the time to read all 19 pages.  You can’t help but come away with the impression that white voter intimidation was never a big priority for this division, but that under …

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I say Go Ahead–Run on that.

Democrats are trying to frighten people by insisting that we can’t go back to how things were when Republicans were running things.  And I can see their point.  They will certainly need to do better. But how wise is it to frighten people with the risk of 5% unemployment and budget deficits under 500 Billion …

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‘The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky…Try To Take Over The World”

The arrogance of the Carol Shea-Porter’s, heck all democrats for that matter, can be summed up in the liberal core belief–recently parroted by Paul Hodes–that we can’t afford to let people keep the money they earned because it will balloon the deficit. No matter what flaws you may find with other candidates or other parties …

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Obama and the SEIU

This Jan Brewer campaign video reminds us of the relationship between Obama and SEIU, and what their plan is.  To convert millions of illegal immigrants into dues paying pro democrat union voters. It is instructive.  (And Union meat-puppet Carol Seiu-Porter has to support this.)      

Hodespocrisy Flashback- Why I Call Him Paul “Sugar Daddy” Hodes

A few months back I discovered that Paul Hodes had received a one time $10,000.00 donation from American Crystal Sugar (A major US Sugar conglomerate), at about the same time as the 288 billion dollar 2007/2008 Farm bill was being pushed through congress, and vetoes overrode.  US Sugar is a protected industry with a good …

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The Pledge To America

The Republicans have released their position paper for the 2010 election and the next congress.  I don’t have time to wade into now, but National Review Online has done the yoemans work already, and we can get into the specifics in the days to come–as in–after I’ve actually read the entire document. NRO Update–I’ve got …

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