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Steve MacDonald

Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok

What Was He Thinking?

Gene Chandler has been taking a good deal of heat lately.  He deserves it in my opinion.  He knows full well the Democrats will make the same hay over the trumped up corn roast scandal, just like they did back then.  That means if he wins he’s on the defensive every single day instead of …

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Did SB500 Work?

Correct me if I am wrong, like you wouldn’t anyway, but were we not told repeatedly that the best thing about SB500 was that it would allow the former inmates to work their way back into society under a more supervised regiment than if required to serve out their entire sentence.

The Biggest Special Interest Of All

How do governor Lynch, Chairman Buckley, presumptive democrat candidates for 2012 at every level, the whole of the democrat party, even their RINO sympathizers, explain why they embrace massive infusions of out of state money and all the disruptive influence it has at the state and local level…from the federal government?

To Spend And Protect

The State Supreme court announced that is sees a conflict between current state law and spending cap initiatives approved by voters (Manchester in particular).  This is not unexpected but it is fortuitous, and to some degree ironic.  In their quest to defend any liberal-leaning municipalities desire to spend beyond the ability of their residents to …

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Trouble in Utopia

From AP – Courtesy of the Union Leader   WASHINGTON (AP) — In a fresh sign of turmoil among defeated Democrats, a growing number of the rank and file say they won’t support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a politically symbolic roll call when the new Congress meets in January. “The reality is that she …

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Can Gene Chandler Salvage The Liberal Agenda?

Provocative title, yes?  Well before you complain about it ask yourself a question.  Why does Dean "Bob" Barker, and the leftistas prefer Chandler over O’Brien?  "That the Dems, if unified, can play a role in preventing him [O’Brien]from being House Speaker, is good news. Dean is part and parcel to the entire Buckley/Sullivan progressive fringe …

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Freshman Get A Voice

November 9, 2010 Dear Freshman Member–Elect, As you prepare to come to Washington for Orientation during the week of November 14th, we wanted to bring to your attention the various leadership opportunities available to your class.  The incoming GOP freshman class for the 112th Congress is no ordinary freshman class, and this is no ordinary …

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Does The GOP Want That New Direction Or Not

Should the New Hampshire Republican House Caucus have the opportunity to vote for their Majority leader? That’s majority leader not Speaker. Traditional wisdom says yes but today, rumor has it, that three of the four candidates for speaker are said to have voted no on the matter.