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Steve MacDonald

Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok

What No False Outrage?

Just a few days ago Kathy Sullivan set the standard by which comments of a potentially racist nature must be judged by people associated with those who make them.  She said they…  …should denounce this racist crap immediately,”.. “True patriots don’t countenance racism, and if you don’t denounce it, you are countenancing it. They should …

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Tim Horrigan Secret Squirrel

Have you seen this man at your NHLA event, Tea Party rally, cook out, seminar or other Republican or pro-liberty gathering?  Have you found him lurking in your yahoo group or commenting on your web site or blog?  His name it Rep Timothy Horrigan.  Mr. Horrigan, a State Rep from Strafford District 07 says… I am one …

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The Gamble

Just a reminder as the pro-gambling lobby turns up the heat in a defict ridden era of irresponsible liberal management; the debate is not about rights, or revenue, it is about the gambling lobby buying up your state government. The pro-gamblers argue that we’ve had gambling for years, and while that’s technically true,  we’ve not had …

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Liberal Pride

The New Hampshire Liberal Pride (NHLP)  group lead by Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan, sometimes referred to by its front name The New Hampshire Democrat Party-an organization funded by prominent left wing donors from all over the country–have not yet taken to burning giant cardboard tea-cups on peoples lawns but that could begin any day now.  …

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NH House School Musical

Last year, at budget time, liberals, democrats, a few RINO’s, and even some chickens were asking where the cuts were.  No not cold cuts but budget cuts.  The libs had just added another 10% to the state budget and they wanted to know where, how and what part of that could we possibly cut. Let’s reminisce on the …

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Weapons Ban Stands

NH House Bill 1693 was killed in the House yesterday by a vote of 191 to 167 almost entirely on party lines.  (Roll Call) Four Republicans voted with the majority of democrats that the measure was Inexpedient to legislate; DiFruscia, Messier, Pilliod, Vallincourt.  Ten democrats voted with the Republicans in their effort to move it forward.  So the …

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On Message, Off Target

Liberals hide  behind a façade of generosity erected by the federal mandates they cherish, glued together with other peoples confiscated property.   Sometimes, when they are not too busy telling each other how compassionate they are with the fruit of your labors, they peek around the facade they have erected, lift the DNC filtered-Left wing sanctioned …

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The Bradley Amendment

Not wasting any time, State Senator Jeb Bradley has already released an amendment for SB 505 to protect the people of New Hampshire from the overreach of the federal government on the matter of Health Insurance. Without further delay… -start- Floor Amendment to SB 505-FN-A  Amend the title of the bill by replacing it with the …

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