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Steve MacDonald

Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok

New Hampshire On The Potomac

Paul Hodes is trying desperately to change his image to that of a fiscal hawk and independent voice, but Paul has some monumental hurdles to get that line past the party base and into the general populace.  First, if he want’s anyone without Kool aid stained lips to buy into the fiscal song and dance …

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Mustache Love

What is up with democrats and their obsession with Hitler. I realize that their style of top-down, command economy, corporate-socialist, nanny-state, we pull the stings and you dance style of governance is frighteningly similar to that of fascist Germany, but do they think people won’t make that connection?

(D)i Fruscia Takes His Toys And Goes…

With any luck this will be the last time Tony (D)iFruscia leaves the republican party.  Kevin Landrigan reported yesterday that (D)iFrusica, who lost his seat in the primary last Tuesday has officially declared himself an independent.  Mr. (D)iFruscia–and oddly enough Harrel Kirkstein (spokesman for the New Hampshire democrat party) agree that this is another example …

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How To Save The World–Vote Out Democrats

The democrats can frame it anyway they like. And they can blame whomever they choose. The only solution they have will result in long term misery. Worse still, with no other economic powerhouse on the Globe inclined toward freedom and philanthropy (becasue we will have been reduced to the status of every other useless secularist socialist democracy) the second and third world nations who have come to rely on us for fiscal support will lose their sugar daddy.

Going After Boxer

Here is a recent Carly Fiorina Ad putting boxer in the proper ruling class context–that she has used government to make herself into a millionaire while her own constituents are made to suffer from her failure to lead. And that is really what it comes down to. Since early 2009 the left has tried to …

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Constitution Day

      On this day in 1787 the single greatest document in defense of liberty found life.  Take a moment to bask in its power and simplicity.   [Constitution for the United States of America]   We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure …

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