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Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small "L" libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America's Founders back into our culture again.

CAIR – even handed – NOT!

CAIR says that it is a civil rights group.  Google them – in the midst of their own proclamations of being nothing more than a civil rights group, lots of  stories will emerge that show a more thuggish nature, claiming wrongs done to Muslims every which way to Sunday, and showing behavior that demonstrates their …

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Hmmm, maybe better than very light jets?

This looks pretty cool! Forget Flying Cars.  Meet the Driveable Plane    (H/T: CNN)  For years, heavy handed regulations have strangled the light aircraft industry.  Now that these have been removed and new classifications of plane / pilot licensing have been created, the atmosphere has been set to encourage innovation to soaring (bad puns intended).  …

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Slave Reparations – uh-uh

(H/T: FoxNews) If you are unfamiliar with the notion of slave reparations (yup, a few of my notions about it too) can be seen here. Federal Appeals Court Rejects Slave Descendants Reparations Claims The three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling that slave descendants have no standing …

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Never thought of it this way

We hear so much about school vouchers.  Many liberals decry them – when they say "public education", they always mean "taxpayers paying for public schools".  Many conservatives, many (not all) favor vouchers, where parents can use these at any school they believe is best for their child.  My take on it is that public education …

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And they wonder about the tank joke….

Yahoo News is reporting PARIS (Reuters) – France has decided to pull its special forces out of Afganistan after a NATO-led stabilisation force extended operations to the whole country, the French defense ministry said on Sunday. The Americans, Dutch, Candians, and the Brits have been complaining that other NATO governments (and not their soldiers) won’t …

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A note for gratitude

Go to Michelle Malkin’s for the full story.  Godspeed to those the rest – we are eternally thankful. This blogger is grateful and thankful for this man’s dedication to those that gave of their lives to keep our country safe to do this year after year.  I thank the man from Maine, Morrill Worcester.

See! We aren’t the only ones who know about “that word”!

From RedState (emphasis of bold and underline are mine!):   Things Andrew Sullivan Doesn’t Grok Calm down, I’m only going to talk about one   While I do agree with the posting, I actually don’t care what is there.  For RATHER obvious reasons, it should be CLEAR what caught my attention to the title of …

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Spineless whining!

CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations) has done it again.  Just as they have silenced talk show hosts and forced retractions from politicians, now they have gotten a blogger silenced by putting the muscle down on their hosting service.  While they style themselves as the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the USA, based on their …

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