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Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small "L" libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America's Founders back into our culture again.

Ah yes, sweeping away “the culture of corruption”….riiiiggghhhtt!!

CNN reports: Congressional Black Caucus gives Jefferson standing ovation WASHINGTON (CNN) — On the same day that the 110th Democratic-led Congress convenes with a plan to immediately pass lobbyist and ethics reforms, the Congressional Black Caucus ("CBC") Thursday gave a standing ovation to Rep. William Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who faces an FBI probe into …

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Getting screwed again….

Social Security for Illegals The Washington Post shows that the Freedom of Information Act works.  One of the things that have come up since President Bush launched his idea of "all but open" border ("Sure! You’re here illegally? Not a problem… a fine, work some years, learn English, become a citizen. Sure!  You’re here just to …

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No more taxes! No more taxes! What – pols against new taxes?

Hold onto your hats, buckaroos! I have found a rare utterance from an almost rarer species – Notaxum Senatoriumi. Yup, three US Senators that want to close up the opportunity for another revenue stream! One is a Democrat (yikes, that rarest of breeds) and two are Republicans (given the conduct of the last 12 years, a …

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Back to separate and equal – or is it unequal?

Back to the Minneapolis airport, once again.  First it was the taxi drivers, then the "flying imams", and now this story another push by Muslims for special treatment: Twin Cities airport balks at offering Somalis own prayer room MINNEAPOLIS – Somali refugees who want a place to pray at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport might have …

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Yeah, he does….Hey John Edwards

Again, from the Guardian in London:  WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential contender John Edwards says it is more important to invest in universal health care and lifting people out of poverty than to reduce the budget deficit. Didn’t anyone tell him about the previous post???? Why is it that people when confronted with empirical evidence …

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