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Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small "L" libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America's Founders back into our culture again.

“The Common Good” – used by Dems, it translates as “we still don’t know what to say”

  Ha!  I can finally use a computer word to make fun of Democrats trying to out-wordsmith Republicans!  That word is "overload".  The definition that I wish to use is when a single word can have multiple definitions.  While it is always better that a word mean one thing and one thing only, in some …

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Blogging with….John Edwards?

Yup, former Senator John Edwards! Senator John Edwards (GraniteGrok photo)  No, the ‘Grok has not gone over to the Dark Side.  Rather, we actually have a plan: We want to know what the Dems are doing Doug and I believe that this may be last Prez cycle that will have true retail politics (with so many …

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Market solutions for college contraceptives…worked!

                  I’ve blogged about the new law that would undo another one that forced the drug companies to sell contraceptives at bargain basement prices here.  Frankly, the inmates were terrified that they’d actually have to "pay to play" – it isn’t FAIR!  One Democratic legislator was so ticked that she ran off …

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