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Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small "L" libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America's Founders back into our culture again.

Blogging at Rudy’s!

  LIVE! AT Rudy’s! Actually, not really Rudy’s place, but The Mayor is giving a speech here in Nashua and the ‘Grok is here.  Doug did an earlier event in Concord (Manchester) and has video that he will be putting up later on.   As normal, am early.  So this:       will look …

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This is real torture – AQ style

Update:  ugh…talk about spelling and grammatical errors…my apologies….I think I fixed them (H/T: Doug!) =========================  Putting women’s underwear on someone’s head is not torture.  Making people stand for long periods of time, while tiring and painful, is not torture.  Subjecting them to lies, mis-directions, and "good cop – bad cop" is not torture.  Lots of …

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Rumination – 7/8/07

Update:  ugh….what were my fingers NOT doing last nite…..spelling and other errors fixed….sheesh… =====================================  Well, nothing in particular…I think….just a few things that caught my attention: This should prove to either be interesting, or amusing.  Given that it will be based on "San Fran values", it could be both with Cindy Shaheen perhaps gunning for …

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Going to their heads?

As Rush says, lions do as lions do.  They can’t help themselves – it is ingrained. Well, certain politicians are the same way – they are what they are.  Rep. John Conyers is such a creature in that he, along with others, are just going to do hearing after hearing about all things politics. This …

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Yakking with the Guiliani campaign

  A little while ago, we had the chance to talk with former Mass. Governor Paul Cellucci on Meet The New Press about Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign.  Once again, the campaign made the Governor available to the ‘Grok! Hi again Governor – how’s the Giuliani campaign going at this point?  Paul – Guliani is doing …

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Friday Humor – Blonde jokes

(H/T: Sue – a blonde) Blonde Cookbook     It’s fun to cook for Tom. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe said beat 12 eggs separately. The neighbors were nice enough to loan me some extra bowls. Tom wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve without dressing. So I didn’t dress.  …

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Friday Humor – ATC style

I may be called a damned Yankee, but there are times that I do appreciate my American brethren to the South….y’all! (H/T: TMEW) Atlanta airport You gotta love this one even if you’ve never lived in the South.  Some of you will enjoy this more than others – Southerners can be so polite! Atlanta ATC: …

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A society is built on values, or not at all

Who’s values should hold sway?  Taken from "Quest for Character" by Charles R. Swindoll, Page 90.  (H/T: Jeff) Sociologist and historian Carle Zimmerman, in  his 1947 book Family and Civilization, recorded his keen observations as he compared the disintegration of various cultures with the parallel decline of family life in those cultures.  Eight specific patterns …

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