Percy Blakeney


Motivation for federalism “The Federalist Papers” used what was then a new definition of federalism. The colonies had just won a revolution against the King of England. They had thrown off the constraints of an oppressive monarch. The new nation was in no mood to replace it with another centralized, unrestrained regime. They had experience …

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First they came for the 5th amendment

Religious Bigotry in New Hampshire

First Amendment history The First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion has deeply rooted historical significance. Many of the colonists who founded the United States came here fleeing religious persecution and governmental oppression in Europe. Our founders advocated religious freedom. They sought to prevent any one religion or group of religious organizations from dominating the …

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Hamas – CAIR – Connection in Congress:

Describe CAIR CAIR, the Council on American–Islamic Relations is a self proclaimed non-profit Muslim civil rights and advocacy group. Critics of CAIR, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have accused it of pursuing an Islamist agenda and have claimed that the group is connected to Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR rejects these claims …

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N.H. Democrats killed bill to make college more affordable

The Democrats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives defeated House Bill 673 on Feb. 27. This bill would have allocated $100,000 to pay the cost of taking exams to acquire college credits. The bill was defeated by a vote of 202-141. The majority opposing the bill included 199 Democrats and three Republicans. The minority …

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Build That Wall

Shutdown averted Congress has approved a border security compromise bill. They intend the bill as a device to avoid a second government shutdown. The bill appropriates about $1.4 billion of the $5.7 billion requested for border barrier construction. The White House said the president would sign the legislation passed Thursday. It also said the President …

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Automatic Tax Increases: Without Automatic Rollback: HB 482

The bill HB 482 establishes a process for transfers from the revenue stabilization reserve account, the Rainy Day Fund, when state revenues fall short of plan. It also adds changes to the rates of the business profits tax and business enterprise tax automatically, when the Rainy Day Fund hits a zero balance. Got that? This …

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NH Constitution

CACR 10: A State Income Tax

What exactly is a CACR? Before the House Ways and Means committee this session is Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution 10 (CACR 10). Ways and Means is the committee responsible for taxation. CACR 10 is a measure relating to a state income tax. The sponsor is Democrat Representative Schamberg of Wilmot. He intends that revenue from …

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