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Percy Blakeney

"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel."

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is preparing to take drastic measures. Gabbard is one of 12 candidates Democrats expect to be on stage next Tuesday for the debate. But does any of that matter given how the DNC conducts its primary?

Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan

Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan

The name of Elizabeth Warren’s latest proposal is ‘Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages’. Media outlets are largely not reporting on the release.

Chris Pappas Resist

Who is Congressman Chris Pappas Representing?

Who is Chris Pappas representing in Congress? What does he spend his time working on? Don’t you think we should now who Chris Pappas is mainly representing in the District of Columbia? Well, the freshman Representative is the LGBT Equality Caucus Co-Chair.

Donald-Trump Wants fewer Federal Regulations

Impeach with Second Hand Information After Closed Door Hearings?

Does it seem fair? Does it seem above board? Why are we getting snippets of leaks from a presidential impeachment hearing? Why are the hearings not open? How can they believe they can remove POTUS without allowing public review of the actual transcripts of the impeachment investigation hearings?

James Morey Houston Rockets GM NBA China Hong kong

Cowardly NBA Caves to Chinese Bullying

The NBA caved to Chinese bullying after a tweet by the Houston General Manager. The NBA and the owner apologized and contemplated firing the GM for his Pro-Hong Kong Tweet. Rather than sending the message to China that Americans support Democracy.

Adam Schiff House Intelligence Committee

Adam is Full of Schiff

Adam is Full of Schiff is how we should refer to the House Intelligence Committee Chair.  His lies could even damage is own career. And that’s the good news. They could also destroy the investigation into President Donald Trump (that’s the better news).