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Percy Blakeney

"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel."

America was not founded on slavery.

Frederick Douglas A Forgotten American Patriot

Frederick Douglas was prominent in the 19th century though his story is little known and even less taught today. We might do well to try to understand this man who was a large figure of his day. His story is important to the Civil War Era.

Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Lieawatha’s talking points about her life story are crumbling. Warren pushed her Cherokee Indian story until that became untenable. Now we Grok she’s not a Cherokee Indian.


Warren Says She Will Combat Environmental Racism

Sen. Warren is taking Democratic efforts to combat climate change over the top. Lieawatha is releasing a plan to combat “environmental racism.” Now you are probably wondering what environmental racism is. The short answer is ignorance.

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Don’t you Hate it When a Democrat is Right?

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is preparing to take drastic measures. Gabbard is one of 12 candidates Democrats expect to be on stage next Tuesday for the debate. But does any of that matter given how the DNC conducts its primary?

Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan

Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan

The name of Elizabeth Warren’s latest proposal is ‘Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages’. Media outlets are largely not reporting on the release.

Chris Pappas Resist

Who is Congressman Chris Pappas Representing?

Who is Chris Pappas representing in Congress? What does he spend his time working on? Don’t you think we should now who Chris Pappas is mainly representing in the District of Columbia? Well, the freshman Representative is the LGBT Equality Caucus Co-Chair.