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Percy Blakeney

"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel."

Social Security 2100 Act

Is a 19.35% increase in FICA big enough to do the job? A House Ways and Means subcommittee has held four separate hearings on the insolvency of Social Security. Subcommittee Chairman John Larson recently released a bill, the Social Security 2100 Act, to shore up Social Security’s funding. The bill, which 203 of his Democratic …

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Affordable Quality Healthcare

Trump administration does it for the children Don’t we want a properly functioning healthcare system? Hasn’t the time come to make it happen? The Trump administration is moving this month to make healthcare providers disclose their prices. That includes the prices they charge insurers. The new initiative complements several related steps the administration has taken. …

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MLK Votes Republican Today

The premise American universities have dangerously devolved into institutions of political indoctrination. They ought to be institutions of higher learning. A recent study of the 60 highest rated liberal arts colleges in the nation found more than 10 professors are registered Democrats for every registered Republican. That means something. Perhaps it means politicization of universities …

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The State’s Gain Is The Citizen’s Loss

13% more Spending… 16.8% more taxation… Here’s a brief overview of the House Democrat budget. In General Fund and Education Trust Funds combined, the House Democrat passed budget increases spending by more than $637 million per year. That is as compared to our current biennial budget (FY2018-2019). It increases total spending over $1.5 billion in …

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53%… How’s that possible?

What’s going on? Do you ever feel like people who hold beliefs like yours are being assaulted for expressing their views? Whether it is support for the president, belief that more debt and deficits amounts to passing our problems to the next generation, open borders or frustration with an unelected, unaccountable fourth branch of government, …

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Red Ink Rules

The federal government drools when it come to budgeting The federal deficit was $693 billion for the first half of fiscal year 2019. That is $94 billion more than the deficit recorded during the same period last year. By anybody’s numbers the deficit and our accumulated debt are too large. Quite simply our federal government …

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NH House Budget Takes A Lot of Money From Your Household Budget

The New Hampshire budget takes a bite out of your household budget The House budget that came to the floor Thursday 4/11/19 will increase spending by over $1.5 billion. The result of the profligate spending is that this budget is forced to also include $417 million in new taxes. Comparatively, what this means is that …

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