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Ken Eyring

I'm a Constitutional Conservative, proud of our country and the founding documents our Constitutional Republic is based on. I believe in self reliance and personal responsibility. I'm passionate about Parental Rights and properly educating our children, who will someday become our country's leaders.

Tucker Carlson Antifa Mob at his home

Socialized Tyranny…

Many years of fake news supporting radical Socialist/Communist/Marxist celebrities and politicians calling for intimidation and threats against freedom loving Americans have led to verbal and physical attacks against conservatives all across the nation in an effort to stifle Constitutional freedoms – and our God-given Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This past …

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Why I Support Jane Cormier for Executive Council District 4

Jane Cormier strongly supports our State and U.S. Constitutions.  Her service as State Rep. earned the highest scores from many independent conservative organizations due to unwavering support for family values, property rights, smaller government, individual liberty, lower taxes, and Second Amendment Rights. Jane is strong, principled, and independent.  Her moral values and belief in God …

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