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Josh Moore

Josh Moore is a former two-term New Hampshire State Representative. Josh is also the Founder of The Patriot Initiative, an educational non-profit with the vision to restore culture and government. During Josh's four years serving in the NH House, he sat on the House education committee.

If-My-People flag sewing

Uniting America

As American culture begins to deteriorate and results from every area of society continue to illustrate the lack of integrity within our culture, people ask the question, “Can’t we just unite and become a nation of one people?” That’s a noble request and one that I believe many American’s would very much like to see …

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Why Celibacy Matters

Our nation has strayed so far from what it used to be. Our morality has eroded, and the results are devastating. I’m 29 years of age and I have grown up in this culture which, since my teenage years, has embraced just about every kind of immoral act you can think of, with the exception …

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