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I love the smell of cognitive dissonance in the morning. Smells like... Victory. "In God We Trust. All others bring data."

homelessness in manchester nh

Mayor Craig: Heartless and Hypocritical

Mayor Craig clearly showed the homeless of Manchester that she is Heartless and a Hypocrite. Her actions over the weekend in regards to the homeless camp on Canal Street were both stunning and contradictory to her comments about other homeless encampments in Manchester.

Mayor Joyce Craig’s Private Pool Club Immune from Coronavirus?

Earlier this week, Mayor Joyce Craig cast several tie-breaking votes to keep city pools, the Splash Pad, and playgrounds closed for at least another month due to public health concerns. City Health Department Director Anna Thomas insisted that the pandemic “is spreading like wildfire” throughout Manchester. But sources tell GraniteGrok that the city health department …

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Faith is killing us. I don’t mean faith in God. I mean faith in demigods. For the purposes of this article, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. If you are a person of faith, then it’s sinful to worship false gods. If you’re an atheist, it’s unreasonable. Both viewpoints work. Merriam-Webster …