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Ian Underwood

Ian Underwood has been a planetary scientist and artificial intelligence researcher for NASA, the director of the renowned Ask Dr. Math service, co-founder of Bardo Farm and Shaolin Rifleworks, and a popular speaker at liberty-related events. He lives in Croydon, New Hampshire.

The RINO Virus (Part II, Cure)

It seems that not a week goes by that we don’t hear conservatives and libertarians moaning, ‘Why did we bother to elect Republicans if they’re just going to _____?’ Republicans seem to have forgotten what a political party is for.  It’s a way to focus time, effort, energy, and money so that they don’t get dissipated.  …

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Suddenly, it’s everywhere.  Lately I’ve even heard even libertarians suggesting that it might be a good idea to provide a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to replace the buffet of specific welfare programs that are now available to people who can’t afford things like housing (Section 8), heat (LIHEAP), medical care (Medicaid), food (SNAP), and so …

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Voting wrongs

Imagine going into a meeting of a homeowner’s association and saying: I don’t own any of these units, but I stay here sometimes with a friend who owns one, so I should get a vote. Imagine going into a meeting of the shareholders of a corporation saying:  I don’t own any shares of this company, …

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Living wage, or MSRP?

Every time I hear about a state (most recently Massachusetts) or city (most recently Seattle) raising the minimum wage to some unsustainable level, it makes me wonder what I would do if I ran a business in one of those jurisdictions. The obvious responses would be to (1) move to a new jurisdiction, (2) hire …

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Textualist, or contextualist?

I keep hearing that Brett Kavanaugh is a committed textualist, a clear thinker, someone who reveres the written Constitution, and so on.  I have to say, I’m not seeing it in his opinions. To take just one of many examples that people are discussing, let’s look at his dissent in the second Heller case, which …

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