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Ed Naile

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).

Is That Whitewash In Your Eye? You Must Work For the NH AG

So what else is new?  The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has “cleared” NH State Senator Martha Fuller Clark of harboring non-residents at her voter fraud mansion in Portsmouth.  Big deal! The AG has been doing this kind of stuff since 1993 that I know of. All the NH AG’s Election Division has done is …

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By now it might be apparent that there is a small but determined group of people in NH who are fed up with voter fraud – and who are able to do something about it. “Thinking Outside the Ballot Box” is what I call it, for lack of a better term. And today we offer …


A Matter of INTENT

I hear a lot of excuses about how we have to let THOUSANDS of non-residents vote in NH because there is no way to determine their “INTENT.” Once again, THOUSANDS of non-resident voters come here each election cycle, steal our votes and stay on the checklists for up to ten years. Don’t believe me? Check …

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What Has She Done to Deserve This?

It is so popular to call a Democrat “popular” that pollsters, who somehow forgot to poll our non-resident voters, are doing new popularity polls on Maggie Hassan: the Concord Monitor has just reported onone now.   Imagine that, she is “popular” and it’s a UNH poll! Here we go again! If another 99,000 people register …

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Voter fraud teaser

All we wanted was to simply see the November 6, 2012 checklist from the City of Portsmouth, NH.  Is that such a crime?  Not really , but when a CNHT pal went to Portsmouth City Hall to look up a name on the checklist, the answer was that the checklist had too much personal information …

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