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Good news for pro-life!

    Even though abortion remains the number one killer of people in Spain, a recent government crackdown helped promote a culture of life. From the Catholic News Agency:  Madrid, Dec 6, 2007 / 11:59 am (CNA).- The Spanish daily “La Razon” highlighted this week the pressure by Catholic groups which forced the closing of …

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Mitt’s battle is not JFK’s

    The media is focused on today’s speech in College Station, Texas, where Gov. Mitt Romney will give a speech focusing on his Mormon faith. Everybody is calling this his "JFK" speech, but the two speeches couldn’t be more different beyond the similarity that they both deal with the issue of religion. In 1960, …

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Not a bad Wednesday night

I had three reasons not to watch the CNN/YouTube GOP Debate last night: 1) The debates aren’t really debates. Debating requires two or morepeople to exchange and refute ideas in a dialogue. What we have mostly been watching are candidates giving sound bites, one after the other,in front of a crazy backdrop of lights and …

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Stop the Swine!

  Know that feeling you get when you see a solid chunk of your paycheck missing because its been sent off to some obscure place in a federal district far, far away? You feel like your getting ripped-off by the man, but you convince yourself that its necessary to fund a strong military and protect …

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Q: When was the last time the Supreme Court ruled on a 2nd Amendment case?

……….. . The U.S. supreme court has agreed to hear Heller V. District of Columbia, to determine if the Capital’s 1976 handgun ban is constitutional. This past spring, a lower court ruled 2-1 that the ban is in fact unconstitutional. . Both the plaintiff (a security guard) and the defendant (the city) have both filed …

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Constitutional rights might invade D.C.

I now have the privilege in introducing DAVE who is thinking of joining us as part of the ‘Grok crew.  Based on this piece, I think he’ll fit in just dandy!  So please, be nice to him, on this, his first try!  -Skip =================================================================  DC city hall bureaucrats are shaking in their federal government subsidized …

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