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Chris Sununu celebrates

No End in Sight to the Tyranny – Sununu Extends Mask-Mandate Through March

This: Sununu’s mask-mandate has been totally ineffectual as the following chart from the New York Times shows. He initially ordered a 60-day mask-mandate on November 19, 2020 (see second chart). Since then cases have exploded: From a prior post on Sununu’s mask-mandate: What is driving the spike in New Hampshire and elsewhere in COVID cases …

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Chris Sununu Gordon MacDonald

NH AG – Call The Police On Maskless Customers

New Hampshire Attorney Gordon MacDonald has a hearing coming up. He is nominated to be the next Supreme Leader of our State’s Supreme Court. So, is this him setting a bit of precedent?His office has issued a letter clarifying enforcement of the State’s Mask Mandate.

Masks Are the New Desks

As we count down the days until the federal mask mandate, and the federal economic regulations that are sure to follow it, it’s worth thinking about how America, once the world’s most stalwart opponent of communism, has come to embrace the notion that a small group of ‘experts’ — most of them not elected by …

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Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center – Why?

Neither medical masks nor cloth face coverings are designed to stop the spread of a flu virus. The few studies ginned up to give some credence to the claim that they can or will are outnumbered by dozens more that say no. So, why has my town’s recycling facility demanded you wear them?