Womens Rights

Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights Rally in Concord

by Kimberly Morin November 30, 2014
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More Hassanpfeffer – Governor Hassan, ‘Wood’ U Care To Talk About The Travel Ban?

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2014
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Governor Maggie Wood Hassan–I’m surprised we’re not calling her Mags, in the same vein by which candidate Ann McLane Kuster became ‘Annie’–executed a travel ban on the state of New Hampshire’s public employees, but excluded herself.  Governor Hassan is traveling to the land of Turkey and it is difficult to soar with eagles when you […]

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Joe Biden, protector of women from “Neanderthals”

by Ed Naile September 13, 2013

Never put it past Joe Biden to come up with some outlandish statement for apparently no reason other than a camera is nearby.  He spoke to a packed-with-supporters room last night about his single-handed efforts to stop violence against women: The bill Biden passed single-handedly is twenty years old and had come up for re-authorization […]

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Ah yes, Iranians are finally “getting” with the feminist agenda – letting them drive

by Skip December 7, 2012

(H/T: Powerline)

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Are You A Fluke or a Woman Warrior?

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2012

Check out Women Warriors.  For women who are not clinging to the womb-politics narratives about contraception and abortion.     H/T PJ Media

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And You Were Worried About Bag Fees?

by Steve MacDonald May 25, 2012

  A woman was kicked off a plane for wearing a shirt that read, “If I wanted the Government in My Womb I’d F*** a Senator.” There are plenty of things wrong with this. First, it assumes that the Senator in question would be both male and adequately equipped to achieve the implied destination.  While […]

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If The Left Really Cared About Women

by Steve MacDonald February 18, 2012

Progressives are hypocrites, doubly so when it comes to women.  Take rape for example. Based on the gaping void in commentary from the Democrats on more than a dozen acts of sexual assault, including rape, of women at various occupy events around the nation last fall–and those are just the ones that were reported–we can […]

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Correct. We Men Have Nothing To Say About Reproductive Rights

by Rick Olson February 9, 2012

“Ah, yes, divorce… from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”  —Robin Williams Again, My associate Steve Mac Donald hits another home run with today’s entry. In the wake of the  Komen for the Cure Planned Parenthood funding controversy, Steve recaps for us what the die-hard blow-hardettes had to say. […]

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Men Have No Say? Then Why Make Them Pay?

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2012

The short lived Komen for the Cure controversy over funding for Planned Parenthood ignited more than a few debates in the verse, more of them about abortion as it turns out than breast cancer screening. And we (men) were “reminded” of a few things.  Not only does funding “women’s health issues” continue to be successfully […]

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If You Are Not Following Me On Twitter….

by Steve MacDonald July 20, 2011

Twitter inspires the opportunity to aggravate the leftists who insist on following conservatives there. Not every witticism will fit on Twitter. Sometimes you have to write a blog and post a link. And then there are the thoughts that are too short to blog and too long to tweet. (Some things can’t be said in under 140 characters.)

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