“Women’s March”

Kuster Silent On Women’s March Board Member Who Says, ‘Don’t Humanize Jews’

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2018

Congresswoman Ann Kuster is not the only New Hampshire Democrat supporter of the Women’s March, but we’ll use her as out locus for this discussion because she has publicly participated and praised the organization, one of whose founding members just told a room full of Muslims not to ‘humanize the jews.’ Does Ann Kuster, who takes […]

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Women’s March Sends Out Press Release Against SCOTUS Nominee “XX”

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2018

Do you remember the nomination of Justice Gorsuch? Protesters had blank signs on which they wrote the name of the nominee, so they could hate on them. Whoever it was, they’d get sharpied on to signs that were then waved in ‘protest.’ Fast-Forward to yesterday and the latest Supreme Court nomination announcement. Before the words […]

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Women’s March Bemoans Shutdown of Prostitution and Child Sex-Trafficking Site

by Steve MacDonald April 13, 2018

Backpagecom CEO Carl Ferrer has rolled on his cofounders and executives admitting that he, “conspired with other Backpage principals … to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”  The site is charged with money laundering, prostitution, sex trafficking and child sex trafficking. The Women’s March official response to shutting down […]

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Ideologies do not belong in schools (Part 2)

by Op-Ed April 6, 2018

By Ken Eyring There’s a lot going on in our schools. Not all is good. We have blindly entrusted the education of our children and their malleable, impressionable minds to our public education system. Upon doing so, we expect our children will be provided with an education that is free from ideologies. But that is […]

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National Walk-Out Demonstrates the Hypocrisy of the Gun-Ban Left

by Steve MacDonald March 17, 2018

Many of the students who participated in the Women’s March organized National Walkout are victims of Progressive pressure politics. Others are misinformed cattle used as mules for Liberal narratives. More than we can imagine were just happy to leave the building and go outside.  And a small portion of them can see the forest for the trees. The […]

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WALKOUT: Not All NH Students Fell Prey to the Left’s Political Agenda

by Kimberly Morin March 15, 2018

Yesterday, there was a “National Walkout Day” held by students across the country. The walkout was supposedly to remember the 17 students who were killed in Parkland, Florida. While many students did indeed honor these students, others chose to use the walkout to push for gun control. These students have every right to be frustrated and […]

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Enough Of This

by Tom March 15, 2018

The victim-fueled whining and squealing is rising to fever pitch.  Campus meltdowns, Pink Hat parades, and now, oblivious, emotionally-charged, attention-hungry teenagers walking out of school to look down at their phones while protesting gun violence. The stench of leftist activism is strong and getting stronger.  Make no mistake – the driving force behind all of […]

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Windham High School’s National Walk-Out Day Agenda

by Steve MacDonald March 7, 2018

Stephen M. Sierpina, the Principal of Windham High School, sent out a letter outlining the school’s plans for Wednesday, March 14th. That’s supposed to be a nation-wide school walkout day to inspire Congress to pass stricter gun laws. Dumb. Anyone with two non-ideological brain-cells to rub together knows that criminals don’t follow laws and this walk-out is […]

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Schumer Shutdown – Day Two

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2018

My sleep is restless. The bed of used pussyhats provides no comfort. In protest, we took part of this make-shift “mattress” and made an effigy of Trump. Pink yarn and hair elastics. We burned the awful thing. The smoke got trapped in the bunker and made me cry. Trump made me cry.

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Donald J. Trump, Truth Trolling the Women’s March

by Kimberly Morin January 20, 2018

Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 20, 2018 Nothing […]

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NH Women’s March 2018: Same Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Hatred on Display as Last Year

by Kimberly Morin January 20, 2018

Today, left-wing organizations rallied together to hold another “Women’s March” in Concord. This year’s rally was vastly smaller than last year’s rally but the sentiments were the same. It seems the people in attendance simply hate President Trump and are protesting his mere existence, all while pushing their own political agenda of course. The organizers […]

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Remember that Womens March during Trump Inauguration? Here’s a better one

by Skip November 21, 2017

When the Eldest graduated from Paris Island, I watched a similar procession in person.  Compared to the coven of the clueless that we watched on TV as Trump was being sworn in as President, I’d be happy to watch these young ladies all. day. long. (H/T: Powerline)

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Like, perhaps, every week? Please?

by Skip March 9, 2017

(H/T:  Liberal Logic 101)

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She’s very confused, this one.

by Skip February 16, 2017

And I have a question for Anonymous (just the fact this person can’t leave their real name says something) that just left this comment at Kimberly’s post: Women’s March: I’m EMBARRASSED for my Gender Anonymous It’s just too bad that you don’t have respectable women reading your blog, because they would have already called you out […]

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No sense of awareness, these clueless ones have

by Skip February 10, 2017

(H/T: Karen)

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by Steve MacDonald January 30, 2017

So, I’m walking out of Wal-Mart, my dog has this chew-bone habit you see, and I have to keep hooking him up, and there’s a vertical banner on a pole blowing in the breeze as I get to the sidewalk. It says something about Immunization, probably free Flu shots. I never really got past the […]

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Louder with Crowder – infiltrating the Womens March. Hilarity ensues

by Skip January 24, 2017

As a transgender woman asking questions: “This time, Crowder and his trusty sidekick “Not Gay Jared” decided they would take on the much discussed Women’s March, and try to find out more about it by showing up at the one being held in Austin Texas. In order to accomplish this, and put the marchers off […]

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Transgender Activists are Upset by Oppressive Message of Women’s March

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2017

I didn’t make this up. This is a real thing. Transgender activists are upset that the women’s march over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, as the protest presented an “oppressive message” that having a “vagina is essential to womanhood.” I’m going to have to agree with the hateful […]

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What’s That Stuck In Your Hat?

by Ed Naile January 23, 2017

A few thoughts on the Feminazi March on Washington DC. They were mostly white and they probably have some sort of college degree where they were indoctrinated into not being able to think for themselves. It was January and the weather was cold and wet – so we were spared from the sight of them taking […]

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Women’s March: I’m EMBARRASSED for my Gender

by Kimberly Morin January 22, 2017

Yesterday women across the country and even in some parts of the world put on pink ‘p*ssy’ hats and behaved like little ‘Veruca Salts’ because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. The ‘Women’s March’ was an embarrassing display of idiocy, hypocrisy and ignorance by mostly white women who clearly need therapy. These women weren’t actually protesting ANYTHING. […]

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Riffing off of Ellen’s post on the so called “Womens March”…

by Skip January 17, 2017

Ellen’s post here.  In other words, “you have to be one of OUR special kind of women”….and that depends solely on their own special definition of “inclusive” (which doesn’t seem to be that to most people). I guess you have to be a “Progressive” to “get it”.  But do they “get” the optics of what […]

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“Women’s March” Rejects Pro-life Women

by Ellen Kolb January 17, 2017

There’s going to be a “Women’s March” in Washington next Saturday, January 21, with corresponding gatherings in Concord and Portsmouth. So all women are welcome, right? Wrong. That’s why I use quotation marks around “Women’s March.” The pro-life group New Wave Feminists applied to be listed as a participating group. March organizers ignored the application […]

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