Palate Cleanser – Sort Of: Ted Cruz Acts Out A Scene From The Princess Bride

by Steve MacDonald November 19, 2015
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Ted Cruz acts out a scene from the movie ‘The Princess Bride,’ (great movie) complete with the accents. So, who else running for President, Republican or Democrat, could look this comfortable, doing this sort of thing, and come off looking like a regular dad who probably watched this movie a dozen times or more with […]

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Oh, Jeanne Shaheen? About that “vetting process”? You too, WMUR Part 2

by Skip November 18, 2015

Once again, immigration has decided to front and center itself – it was illegal immigration and now it is immigration of the refugee type, specifically Syrian refugees or, more importantly, those of the Islamic Jihadist (be it ISIS or AQ or some other of the same ilk) not wanting to waste a crisis (hey, where […]

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Yo, Jeanne Shaheen? Here’s your “vetting” process fer ya. And WMUR’s “fact checking”

by Skip November 17, 2015

That would be the Federal Government Ambassador to NH Jeanne Shaheen who told WMUR that the US does the HIGHEST level of vetting – far more than any other country does: U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., stopped short of calling for a halt to U.S. acceptance of refugees. She did speak of the need to […]

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MicroInterview: WMUR’s Adam Sexton

by Skip November 4, 2015

At a “secret” meeting (again, who opened their big yammer??) that was blasted all over the political world here in NH of a group of conservatives, WMUR’s Adam Sexton showed up with his cameraman trying to get the jist of what was going on (and if someone was going to spill the beans as to what’s […]

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2nd Amendment Shoot-Out – Carly vs Josh

by Mike June 21, 2015

Josh McElveen, Host of WMUR’s “CloseUp” interviewed Carly Fiorina last week on her positions and presidential prospects. He dropped in the obligatory gun control question, thinking a woman from California would be sympathetic – not a chance: Paraphrasing…. “I’m a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment” “Cities and States with the most restrictive gun laws […]

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Why do Establishment Republicans have a “but” when it comes to Religious Freedom? Eh, Gov. Pataki?

by Skip April 5, 2015

Gov Pataki on WMUR’s Closeup (4/5): I agree completely with the idea that we have to protect peoples’ religious freedom.  There’s no question about that.  I quietly am, in my own way, deeply religious and I don’t want someone to tell me that I can’t practice my religion as I see fit.  But on the […]

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James Pindell confirms much of “current Wisdom” – a hand behind the Throne

by Skip December 21, 2014

On today’s WMUR’s CloseUp, James Pindell is asked by Josh McElveen about Kelly Ayotte’s support of the events that led to the election of the Democrat appointed Speaker Shawn Jasper and her actions going forward.  In doing so, Pindell lays plain what many “out here” believe to be true: McElveen: If you are Kelly Ayotte […]

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WMUR Interviews “His Vileness” Shawn Jasper

by Mike December 3, 2014

H/T WMUR See other articles below…

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Remember, folks like David Hess helped the Democrats to split the Republican caucus in the past

by Skip December 1, 2014

A blast from the past – an interview with (now former) NH State Representative Seth Cohn on the arrogance with which David Hess sneeringly treated him on WMUR’s Closeup a couple of years ago: I met up with former NH State Rep Seth Cohn (he is not seeking re-election) at an informal meeting this afternoon […]

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“Where, oh where has our little Jimmy gone? Where, oh where can he be?”

by Skip November 7, 2014

Update: Really – still nothing?  Not even an up to date Political Standing?  I called WMUR just now and the news desk person didn’t know but said she hadn’t see him all week and had no clue as to his status (he is still listed on their News staff)- she transferred me to Alicia (sp?), a […]

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“Who will the elite media vote for”, James Pindell?

by Skip November 2, 2014

James Pindell – in the footsteps of George Stephanopolous and Candy Crowly, you put yourself squarely as “Poster Boy” for this ad this cycle: Don’t worry James, as I have pointed out before, your WMUR compadres have blazed that trail for you. (H/T: Campaign Spot)

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Oof – It’s gotta be bad when even MSNBC criticizes you, James Pindell!

by Skip October 31, 2014

Yeah, James Pindell certainly made himself the story of the US Senate debate – and it went national – when he decided he knew NH’s geography better than Brown (e.g., Sullivan County).  But really, when the most Leftward leaning cable networks, MSNBC, goes after you with one of the most Leftward leaning “journalists”,  National Public Radio’s […]

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James ‘Candy Crowley’ Pindell – the Walkback Edition over Sullivan County brouhaha

by Skip October 31, 2014

Sorry, but Steve’s post title was too good to pass up on.  Yes, the truth wins out and Scott Brown was right and James Pindell was wrong about the geography of Sullivan County here in NH.  Or, the alternative view was that they are both right (Sullivan County is BOTH West and North of Concord, […]

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NH1 Debate between Guinta & Shea-Porter: the Progressive “everyone’s a victim including shoplifters”

by Skip October 23, 2014

To be free to choose implies acceptance of the results of choices made, which means, in turn, that there should be no assignment of blame to others, including the state, if these choices turn out to have been wrong.  – James Buchanan I think I may be shifting over to WBIN / NH1 (Bill Binnie’s nascent […]

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Political Scoop: him questions, me answers

by Skip October 17, 2014

Haven’t done this for a while but decided to use the flyswatter one more time before putting it away for the season on a couple of the questions just laid out there in the breeze: Anyone else notice that the Steve Vaillancourt comments on Kuster got more play in national media than it did in […]

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Lambert Down by 23 Points

by Steve MacDonald August 21, 2014

Ruh-Roh Rary… As the New Hampshire primary election draws ever closer, the level of desperation in the Lambert camp is escalating wildly. Internal polling data from his primary rival, Marilinda Garcia, has Lambert down by 23 points, as reported by WMUR. The poll, conducted by Magellan Strategies, surveyed 800 likely voters in the upcoming primary […]

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So now we know what Walt Havenstein thinks of the TEA Party and 9/12 Project

by Kimberly Morin July 9, 2014

Article bumped because WMUR’s video, posted by James Pindell**, has been taken down, and we have inserted a slice of the original video, PUBLISHED on iTunesU by Smith College. (Jump to 6 Minutes, 7 Seconds) Apparently Papa Smurf’s pick for Governor, Walt Havenstein, isn’t too bright (or, as most think, just another Establishment pick).  A video […]

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About That Rising Latino Star…

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2014
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Last Friday Skip took a few minutes to respond to James Pindell’s weekly NH Political Standing report. Skip asks… Isn’t it racist to think that just because someone has a Spanish derived surname that they should be able to  speak Spanish? Being a part of the fourth branch of government might provide Mr. Pindell with […]

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Scott Brown Campaign Staff: Thanks for videoing us, Jeremy Baker!

by Skip May 22, 2014

Reagan Democrat….Obama Republican (see after the jump)? Well, at least he didn’t like about his name (only that he was off it before he was on it – the Scott Brown Campaign staff, that is)!  That would be Jeremy as in Jeremy Baker.  Turns out that commenter Radical Moderate found this wascally wabbit over on WMUR – […]

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CloseUP Doodlings – who Walt Haverstein first praised and then promptly threw under the bus

by Skip April 20, 2014

…and what the Journalist Round Table failed to recognize. WMUR’s CloseUp, their Sunday political rumination show, is generally good for a couple items and this week is no different.  Main interviewee was recently announced candidate for the NH GOP nomination for NH Governor, Walt Haverstein (re: info and oops!).  Well, Josh McElveen asked a question […]

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Your lemons didn’t come close to making lemonade, Annie

by Skip March 31, 2014

Let’s just say that while Congressman Annie Kuster (D-NH) put in a magnificent political performance here, she kept that same upstanding level on WMUR’s 6pm news for the event that today was the last day for Obamacare sign up.  After all, don’t do it and you invoke the fines and penalties (although with the many […]

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This is the definition of “Having one’s back”?

by Skip March 30, 2014

“Having one’s back” – the trust that one places in another that no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, the other guy will be steadfast, present, and loyal.  It’s that last term that seems to be such a nuthingburger in politics where if political speed of movement could be measured when the mud starts […]

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WMUR CloseUp – Pindell confirms it: Scott Brown doesn’t think he needs Conservatives

by Skip March 16, 2014

As Josh McElveen and James Pindell were standing outside of the Pink Cadillac Diner, Pindell confirmed what a lot of Conservatives in the NH GOP have been thinking about Scott Brown (emphasis mine): If you are on the Republican right grassroots, this is a shot right across the bow.  He is not going to back […]

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Oh, I’m quite sure

by Skip March 16, 2014

On today’s WMUR’s CloseUP, Josh McElveen interviewed both Scott Brown and his wife.  He posed a question to Scott (emphasis mine): [Bob Smith said]: You’re so liberal that you should be in a primary with Jeanne Shaheen And the way that Scott Brown answered the question, it seem like a challenge Scott Brown “That’s Bob […]

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He’s got questions, I’ve got observations and answers

by Skip February 10, 2014

Sometimes, it’s easy and sometimes, there’s not much to work with.  But as I’ve said before, if Pindell is gonna ask, SOMEBODY has to answer……even if it is only me.  From last Friday’s Political Scoop: What did Andrew Hemingway’s camp make of Jeb Bradley’s comments on CloseUP that if Brown gets in the U.S. Senate […]

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I would be a hypocrite if I did NOT post this about NH State Senator Jeb Bradley

by Skip February 9, 2014

It’s been a long day and I am just getting to listen to WMUR’s Close Up.  Our official motto is: Spank’em when they’re wrong and Thank’em when they’re right. Bradley is right and I thank him, when he said he’s put a bill in to stem the leaks in the present Highway Fund that allows […]

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Oh James? Methinks you owe Karen Testerman a bit of an apology!

by Skip December 22, 2013

Umm, I didn’t see you, Mr. Pindell, over at the “Second Amendment Corner” either!  Not all that hard to have found it – all that Hunter Orange and such.  So I found this a bit, well, silly: “If Karen Testerman, Gary Lambert and Marilinda Garcia had any political instincts whatsoever they wouldn’t have walked inside […]

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First he calls me the Second Coming of Ryan Williams…..

by Skip November 18, 2013

I know, this is a small ha-ha, right (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Almost a week ago Executive Councilor Ray Burton died leaving what has become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for others to seriously have a chance of winning his District 1 seat, covering half the state geographically.   On Tuesday, Gov. Maggie Hassan announced the candidate filing period […]

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Sorry Zandra Rice-Hawkins but making an Obama-like pronouncement on CloseUp doesn’t make it true.

by Skip November 18, 2013

On WMUR’s CloseUp yesterday, Greg Moore of AFP/NH and Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress went tete-a-tete over the Medicaid Expansion here in NH.  I’ll be popping up some video about her attempting to make the equivalence that Obamacare is the same as the US Constitution (yes, she really did!) but she did make one […]

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Now she is acting like the person why I voted for the other one.

by Skip October 20, 2013

This is from Pindell: “Ayotte is now acting like the person people thought they voted for.”  James, let me remind you that I’m not the only one – and they were LOUD.  He continues: However, during the shutdown, Ayotte came into her own politically. She was no longer following the lead of mentors like U.S. […]

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