Politico Reporting: Donald Trump and Team Were Under Survellience

by Steve MacDonald March 22, 2017

Democrats are snapping like twigs all over the douchebag-o-sphere. (Politico) Members of the Donald Trump transition team, possibly including Trump himself, were under U.S. government surveillance following November’s presidential election, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) told reporters Wednesday. It get’s worse for Democrats.

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Media Asks For Evidence the Government Spied on Trump Campaign, Sean Spicer Quotes The Media as Proof

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2017

The media is naturally upset that Press Secretary Spicer is quoting the media as proof that the media is not just selective in its coverage but selective in its memory.

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Dance On Flynn’s Grave At Your Own Peril

by Ed Naile February 15, 2017

Certain, as yet clearly identified Intelligence Agents listened in on NSA Advisor Flynn’s call to a Russian diplomat during the end of the Obama Administration. This has caused Mike Flynn to leave his position, and the media has savored this rare bloodletting with spasms of revenge satisfied. But their delight is for taking a scalp, […]

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GrokTALK! February, 14th 2015 – The Videos

by Skip February 14, 2015

Long GrokTALK! this week as we started a half hour early!  For those wishing to download the podcast and listen, Steve has the audio here. Want to watch instead if you missed the live stream?  Here you go! Segment 1 – Greg Moore from Americans For Prosperity – NH comes on to talk about NH […]

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Ask Carol Shea-Porter About Tapping Into Wireless Left-Wing Hypocrisy

by Steve MacDonald September 28, 2012

Ask Carol Shea-Porter, well–ask any New Hampshire Democrat actually, about warrant-less wire taps.  Remember those?  The Democrats got all wound up about them under a previous president, but lets be honest; it was not because they really gave a damn about your rights or your privacy. They got wound up because they viewed it as […]

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New Hampshire Wire Tap Laws and the Wheedling Legislature

by Rick Olson December 30, 2011

“All men profess honesty as long as they can. To believe all men honest would be folly. To believe none so is something worse.” —John Quincy Adams Yesterday, a Union Leader Editorial featured commentary about the flaws of New Hampshire’s Wire Tapping and Eavesdropping laws currently in place. The commentary came on the heels of […]

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The Weare Secret Police

by Rick Olson February 25, 2011

Officers of the Weare Police Department do not like to be video-recorded, audio-recorded or photographed. In fact if recorded, they will arrest those who do without permission.

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