Green Energy’s Contribution to the ‘Environment’ – Birdilizer

by Steve MacDonald September 7, 2016
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The Green energy future will include rich soil at the base of windmills from all the dead bird and bat carcasses. We can call it birdilizer. Tribes of humans who survive the green energy future can grow and forage there after worshiping the spinning metal gods. H/T RCS

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HB580 – Moratorium on Windmills

by Skip February 18, 2013

I went up to Skip’s Gun shop on Saturday to conduct some business and as always, Skip and I spent a few moments talking politics and he mentioned that a bill that he is the prime sponsor on is coming up for hearing tomorrow.  This normally would be taking place in one of the usual […]

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Environmentalists who love crony capitalism

by Skip September 20, 2012

Because they can’t stand seeing their fellow citizens ignoring their bleats of “You shouldn’t do that” in some cases (like, you know, use electricity to live a modern lifestyle, or be allowed to drive a car that can, like, you know, can actually hold all of your family members and the grocery bags needed to […]

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