Ideologies in our Schools (Part 3)

By Ken Eyring This is the third part in a series that discusses indoctrination of our children through the introduction of ideologies in our schools. The focus below is in response to a Windham student, who took offense with my previous postings and mischaracterized my positions. You can find Skylar Hebert’s April 12th letter to …

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Did Dennis Senibaldi violate Election law as a Windham Town Employee?

BUMPED (from 3/27/15): Ah now, we’re getting a tad closer as to the activities of one Dennis Senibaldi last month during Windham’s town elections. No, not quite the same but of the same nature. More soon! -Skip ****************** During the recent Windham School Board elections there was a photo posted on Mike Joanis’ campaign Facebook …

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Did Windham’s Dennis Senibaldi violate the state computer crime law?

BUMPED: First posted on 3/24/15. Well, it seems that Dennis Senibaldi may have gotten himself into a peck of a place during this past election – and I’m not just talking about the blizzard we got. Our intrepid Kimberly was all over this – and it makes a great reminder of what current School Board …

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How Windham’s Transgender Policy Violates Your Rights

Skip Murphy explains how the Windham School Board’s new transgender bathroom policy includes language that could infringe on first amendment rights by compelling speech with threats of disciplinary action and how he is trying to pry more details from the board. Visit the original post for more ways to listen.

GrokTALK! – The Compilation Podcast: Week Ending 2-24-2018

This week’s special guest is Phil Kerpen form American commitment. We also have interviews on a Transbathroom policy in a local school district, municipal malfeasance, gun grabbing gun grabbers, and an excellent synopsis of the entire Moooueller investigation (so far). You can also listen from the original blog post page here.

Windham School Board Bans ‘Human Target’ Activities (aka – Dodgeball!)

Susan posted a link to the story here, but the first sentence from the Concord Monitor article was all I needed to see. The Windham School District has banned dodgeball and other “human target” activities over concerns about violence and bullying. That’s a very broad statement.  Almost every action of government is a form of …

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Governor Jon Huntsman Snubs Windham NH [Updated]

Southern New Hampshire 9.12 announced today that the forum for a Lincoln-Douglass style debate between Governor Jon Huntsman and former Speaker Newt Gingrich has had its venue changed without their knowledge or permission.   The debate was scheduled for December 12th, at 7 pm, at Windham High School. From what I can tell it appears …

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Kathleen Sullivan DiFruscia

You remember Tony DiFruscia? Lawyer, democrat, republican, independent, ex RINO NH House rep. Yeah that guy. Well his law partner and wife–wait until I tell you her name, is running for selectman in Windham.