William Gardner

An Offer NH Shouldn’t Refuse

by Ed Naile November 11, 2017

I was at the 603 Alliance dinner the other night when Steve Bannon was the keynote speaker. It was rewarding to see him open up his phone and announce the number of out-of-state voters who tipped the 2016 NH General Election in favor of Crooked Hillary. He hit the number right on, 6,540 voters established […]

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How About That “Non-Existent Voter Fraud” Meme…or something

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2012

Donna Schlachman writing an opinion piece in Seacoast Online, says she asked New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner (last year) about voter fraud and…. I learned that actual cases of fraud are practically non-existent. Even last year’s staged attempt to prove that people can vote illegally in N.H. was unsuccessful. It turns out that […]

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