William Banzai 7

Putin Trolls The Liberals, Again
Or How The Oscars Were Won

by Mike March 2, 2017
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Obama, The Peace Prize Holding, Warmongering President

by Mike October 15, 2016

Lurch-ing toward war? Between the incompetence, or sheer malfeasance of Hillary and Kerry, and the natural inclination of Little Barry to launch attacks on people and places he doesn’t like, to poking the Bear into preparing for nuclear war, to announcing cyber war in the press…. We are at extreme risk from the supposed peaceniks […]

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Boehner’s Departure Illustrated

by Mike September 26, 2015

Mission Acomplished for the conservative wing of the GOP – now, choose wisely! Illustration Photoshopped from the GW Bush scene by William Banzai 7

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Artist’s Impression Of The Iran Nuke Deal

by Mike April 12, 2015

Leaving our allies Saudi Arabia and Israel in the LURCH? William Banzai 7 captures it in this excellent photo montage:

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The Maiden Voyage Of The Clintonberg
Will She Crash And Burn?

by Mike April 12, 2015

Of course today is the great day the plebes have been waiting for: The Red Queen’s announcement of her renewed quest for the Presidency. (Because Co-President wasn’t good enough for her.) A couple of days ago, William Banzai 7 prophesied crash and burn with this graphic, but then life began to imitate art….. First, The […]

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A Bridge Too Far? The Silence Of The Lanes?

by Mike January 10, 2014
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Obama Debt-Laden And His Enablers

by Mike October 12, 2013
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His speeches were clear: The evil is here

by Mike September 27, 2013

The Evil is looking perverse Our freedom replaced by a curse His speeches were clear The evil is here Just listen to them in reverse (The Limerick King, with graphic by William Banzai 7.) Also on GraniteGrok: “

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Euro Tensions – Black Humor From WilliamBanzai7

by Mike May 13, 2013

This picture is wrong on so many levels (German Chancellor, Swastika Cookies, Gas oven) but the audacity of it captures the tension in Europe at the moment. (May 9th was European Union Day) The Germans, hard-working and terrified of hyper-inflation, want a strong currency, and are fed up of being the engine which makes low […]

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