Welfare State

Drug Addiction Recovery – a source of government rent-seeking?

by Skip April 6, 2018

What does it say about the marketplace when startups turn directly to government for launching? And then get P.O’d when they get a “no”? Nonprofit startup scraps plans for recovery center in Concord A startup Manchester nonprofit has abandoned plans to open a recovery center in Concord after a discouraging meeting with state officials, the […]

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And hasn’t had a Republican Mayor since 1908

by Skip August 16, 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (reformatted, emphasis mine): “What causes riots are failed liberal urban policies in these ghettos,” Clarke told Fox Business. “Milwaukee has inescapable poverty. We’re like the sixth poorest city in America. They have failing public schools… You have massive black unemployment… You have dysfunctional families, you have father-absent homes, you have […]

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Pretty much…

by Susan Olsen August 24, 2015

“The progressive philosophy that the Democratic Party has come to embrace now has its roots less in the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of individual happiness and more in the tenets of race and class identity, equal outcomes, and an expanding welfare state.” – Scott Powell  

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GrokTALK! What If You Don’t “Love The One You’re With?”

by Steve MacDonald June 8, 2015
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We explore the progressive habit of using immigration to supplant the uncooperative populations with those more inclined to vote for Democrats. This naturally leads to the question of property rights, as government needs to milk someone to finance it’s Welfare State Get-out-the vote immigration policies. Bill O’Brien Guest Hosts. Listen to the entire program here […]

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A Micro-proof that Federal Social Programs DON’T work!

by Skip January 5, 2015

Recounted to me this weekend by the Eldest’s girlfriend (“the EG”) who has two children.  She’s been working on getting a degree in special education and a couple of other things on the side – she really does want to better herself.  Being a vet, she is unhappy that she has to be needy on […]

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“Help the helpless” – not a problem. It’s the others I object to

by Skip December 23, 2014

From DCE over at Weekend Pundit: I caught this from a Dennis Miller special – America 180 – I watched on Netflix last night: I don’t mind paying taxes to support the helpless. However I do mind paying taxes to support the clueless. Indeed. Not only the clueless but those just living on “the system” because, well, […]

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Do you think Government Dependency is a problem?

by Skip November 26, 2014

From End of the American Dream comes this question: “If you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it?” It goes on to talk about the safety net vs what I call the Govt hammock with the soft cocooning that eventually […]

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Liberal policies have not helped the impact of slavery.

by Skip November 20, 2014

Via Betsy’s Page,  Prof Thomas Sowell’s take down of NYT’s opinion writer Nicholas Kristof that slavery isn’t the slavery of the past – but liberal policies aren’t helping: …Kristof’s other “overwhelming” evidence of the current effects of past slavery is that blacks do not have as much income as whites. But Puerto Ricans do not […]

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Democrat War on Work – What Do You Mean ‘Where Have The Workers Gone?’

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2014
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Democrats are not the party of work, or the American family.  Their ‘American Dream’ is a nation crowded with dependents. Under Democrat rule work force participation has plummeted while government dependence has skyrocketed. There is no mystery.  Millions or worker did not “vanish from the workforce.”  They were driven out by a sustained, regulatory assault […]

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Only the people change….plus some more

by Skip February 7, 2014

After all, some who were self-reliant and were paying for their own health insurance will now be put on the Public Dole (H/T: NetRightDaily with extra visages owned by their owners)

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Morally Overdrawn II: Obama’s Debt

by Mike October 15, 2013
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Data Point – Do we need a bake sale for Dept of Defense?

by Skip September 8, 2013

Years ago, one of the Left’s favorite bumper sticker said that they would have achieved their goal when instead of schools having bake sales, the Department of Defense had to have one.  The idea was also summed up by the phrase “Make Love Not War”.  Now, education, peace, and love are nice things, important things […]

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“Ye shall have the poor with you always”

by Skip July 7, 2013

If You Don’t Work, You Die I was reading a Nero Wolfe book the other day and there is a man we’re obviously supposed to dislike going on about how it’s stupid to try to feed all the hungry in the world. It puzzled me how this could be even disputed, much less a bad […]

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Notable Quote – F. A. Hayek

by Skip December 31, 2012

Wherever liberty as we understand it has been destroyed, this has almost always been done in the name of some new freedom promised to the people. – F. A. Hayek, the Road to Serfdom   Certainly, Progressives believe that they have new “freedom not to be bankrupted from illness” with Obamacare – but are destroying […]

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“I’m with Stupid”

by Skip November 14, 2012

  (H/T: Lucianne.com)

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Give a man a fish…

by Skip November 12, 2012

…and you feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he feeds himself forever. Here’s a bit of a reality check for the expanded ObamaUSA welfareland that wants everyone to be equal in income and that you, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms Obama Voter decided to have over the alternative.  Enjoy that […]

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Quote of note: Why the Welfare State Must Be Dismantled.

by Tim Condon October 14, 2012

  From George Gilder: The Real Reagan Lesson for Romney-Ryan, which originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal: “Everyone knows about America’s liabilities. Everyone knows that they will have to be addressed and many know that Mr. Ryan’s plan will address them. But the real opportunity is to transcend them by…

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There is nothing more moral than eliminating government ‘charity’

by Carolyn July 31, 2012

As conservative Republicans work to eliminate or reduce the amount of money New Hampshire spends on government programs, critics on the political left have emerged from time to time with the idea that these policies are immoral—or as one outspoken critic said, “morally repugnant.” This criticism is predicated on a belief that only government can […]

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THIS is the end result of creating a modern “welfare state”

by Tim Condon July 16, 2012

You voted for it, over and over. You wanted “free stuff” from the government. You thought “we’re a rich country, we can afford it.” You have voted crooks and fraudsters into power again and again. Now you will face the result of creating a so-called “welfare state.” Enjoy the future, suckers.

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Why you need to be ready to move to New Hampshire….

by Tim Condon June 24, 2012

Is America a “welfare state”? No. It’s a “special interest state.”And James DeLong at the American Enterprise Institute has explained why in THIS ARTICLE. What it boils down to is that the permanent political class has gained permanent power in America, governing on behalf of ubiquitous and multifarious special interests, which increasingly exist solely to […]

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Leftist-Progressives: Always The Dependable Deniers

by Rick Olson April 11, 2012

“An individual, in promoting his own interest, may injure the public interest; a nation, in promoting the general welfare, may check the interest of a part of its members.” —Friedrich List Last week the Union Leader’s Gary Rayno reported on a check made of electronic databases searching for potential welfare fraud. House Speaker Bill O’Brien is […]

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“Germany set to tax young”

by Skip April 6, 2012

Well, the Blue Social Model of Socialism is its own Ponzi scheme – and when you run out of young people, you run out of other peoples’ money.  From the Sydney Morning Herald (reformatted here): GERMANY is proposing to levy extra taxes on the young to pay for the costs of the country’s growing numbers […]

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Romney Advocacy For The Welfare State

by Rick Olson February 2, 2012

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.” —Willard “Mittens” Romney That is what Mittens said…and the lefties will tear him to shreds over that very statement.  Especially the class warfare artisans in the political arena. While Romney is correct  about the poor having a […]

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The Food Stamp Nation and Its’ President

by Rick Olson January 24, 2012

 “I’d go to, like, six different schools in one year. We were on welfare, and my mom never ever worked.” —Eminem During the Republican Presidential Debates, Newt Gingrich referred to President Obama as the, “Food Stamp President.” That was last week. Yet, over two years ago, Wyatt Emmerich, Publisher for the Northside Sun based in […]

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Welcome To New Hampshire…Now Go Home

by Steve MacDonald January 7, 2012

As New Hampshire plays it’s traditional “First In The Nation Primary” role for the  next few days, I am reminded of two things.  First, as the Live Free or Die state, no matter who ends up as either the GOP nominee or the next president, we’ll still have to act like the sovereign Republic that […]

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