An Honest Debate About Having an Honest Debate

by Steve MacDonald March 4, 2018

Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas owned the internet with a floor speech last week that had Democrats fuming. Let’s call it an honest debate about having an honest debate about violence. Democrats don’t want one of those, and they don’t like it when they are told so to their faces. “If you’re wanting the other reason why we […]

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President Trump: Immigrants Will Not Be Able To Qualify For Welfare For Five Years

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2017

Prohibiting immigrants from collecting welfare for the first few years here is not a new idea, but it is an excellent idea, and not just because Democrats will hate it. And make no mistake. Democrats loathe it. “Just this week, we announced a historic immigration bill to create a merit-based Green Card system that ends […]

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Benevolent Sexist Shot Trying to Save Woman

by Steve MacDonald April 15, 2017

Tulane Medical student Peter Gold was shot in the stomach. The injury is the result of his trying to intervene when he saw a man dragging a woman into an SUV. Where does this rank on the benevolent sexism scale? Isn’t Peter Gold a sexist? A better question is why shouldn’t any planned dependence on […]

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Poverty – Only one way out

by Skip March 16, 2017

“Virtually everyone agrees that poverty is bad. But not everyone agrees on what should be done about it. In the video that follows, Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, explains that if we want to help people get out of poverty, there’s really only one way to do it. This ain’t that: “Getting things […]

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See, It’s Not Just New Hampshire – California Underestimated Medicaid Costs Too…

by Steve MacDonald January 19, 2017

The incoming Sununu administration discovered a $65 million dollar hole at the New Hampshire Department of Inhumanly High Health Services ((NHD(i)HHS)) thanks mostly to expanded Medicaid costs they had not anticipated. Seriously? We here in our humble shop knew it would happen from day one. We knew that the Federal contribution wasn’t “Free Money™.” And […]

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Maine Added Work Provision for Food Stamps – Guess What Happened?

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2016

(Daily Signal) In response to the growth in food stamp dependence, Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, recently established work requirements on recipients who are without dependents and able-bodied. In Maine, all able-bodied adults without dependents in the food stamp program are now required to take a job, participate in training, or perform community service. Job openings […]

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Welfare? Let the Liberals’ collective mind go to mush over this definition

by Skip December 28, 2016

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)        Now read this.

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Paid Time Off Better Than a Raise

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2016

In a recent survey of warehouse workers, An overwhelming 87.5% of respondents prefer PTO (Paid time Off) over the equivalent in pay increases—a reminder, if nothing else perhaps, of the importance of work/life balance. Fight for Fifteen might want to consider fighting for days off instead of for higher hourly wages.

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Shocker: Raise the Price of Something, Get Less of It!

by Scott Morales August 26, 2016

More Democrat policies to encourage “flight of capital and jobs”. From Townhall.com: Minimum Wage Increase Puts 1,400 D.C. Restaurant Employees Out of Work D.C. restaurants have lost 1,400 jobs in the first half of the year. This loss—the steepest drop since the 2001 recession—follows a significant minimum wage hike. Data  suggests that the D.C. restaurant industry […]

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Data Point – this is “sustainable”?

by Skip August 2, 2016

Makers vs takers.  Producers vs moochers. Look, I’m fine with helping those that REALLY need it but too often (and I’ve been up close to them) able bodied people just milk the system.  But at what point does this break? And then ask – what happens to all those that have become very cozy in the […]

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Who’s More Compassionate: The Left or the Right?

by Steve MacDonald July 25, 2016
Thumbnail image for Who’s More Compassionate: The Left or the Right?

The answer to the question turns on this. Is it more compassionate to feel good or to do good? So who believes which goal is most important?

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Our Welfare System Allows Women to ‘Marry’ the Government

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2016
Thumbnail image for Our Welfare System Allows Women to ‘Marry’ the Government

Larry Elder shares some hard and cold facts about how policy and culture have put children at risk, and black children exponentially so.

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NH just said: hey, layabouts – we’ll fund your health insurance with other peoples’ money

by Skip March 30, 2016

Gladly, too – these Republicans decided that they know better how to spend your money than you do.  To wit: Shot: States moving to restore work requirements for food stamp recipients …Kansas was one of the first states to reverse that in 2013.  “I believe most Americans and most Kansans think it’s common sense,” said Andrew […]

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Bet on it: Hillary WILL continue to make companies subjugated to The State

by Skip December 23, 2015

Hillary is a statist, through and through.  She is the epitome of such – ONLY Government (and those employed by it) can effect good and it MUST be in charge of all aspects of our lives.  Even when it is obvious that Government has screwed up and made things worse.  Instead of leaving well enough […]

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The Democrat debate was an embarrassment to voters, the country and the world

by Kimberly Morin November 15, 2015

Last night CBS held the second Democrat debate between Presidential candidates for the 2016 election. Not only have the Democrats finally pulled off their faux ‘moderate’ masks, they have come out and honestly claimed what many have believed all along. Democrats are for increasing taxes to redistribute other people’s money; increasing welfare programs and taking […]

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Data Point – illegal aliens, taxes paid, welfare taken

by Skip November 12, 2015

“According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, approximately 11.4 million individuals in the U.S. illegally paid $11.84 billion in state and local taxes in 2012. The conservative Heritage Foundationestimated unlawful immigrant households paid $39.2 billion in 2010, but received $93.7 billion in government services.” (H/T: The Blaze)

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I used to put up the chart of Obamacare agencies – this is just as bad

by Skip November 9, 2015

That previous chart (in here, somewhere – I can’t find it) basically showed what we now know today – it ain’t gonna work.  Ever.  Even if the Govt took all our money to fund it, it is doomed to failure just because there are too many moving parts that absolutely have to work seamlessly.  In […]

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Minimum Wage – the economics version of Obamacare

by Skip October 12, 2015

Which is to say – the turning upside down of a system for not a lot of benefit for anyone and will result in higher costs (in more ways than a few) for everyone. The average family income of a minimum wage worker is more than $44,000 a year – far more than can be […]

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by Rick Olson September 10, 2015

“It is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both…We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work.”  —Milton Friedman Welfare. The word used to be a pejorative. Having grown up in an upper middle class family, some […]

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Sunday Talking head shows – the refugee “crisis”

by Skip September 6, 2015

I’ve only watched Fox News so far this morning (TMEW wanted to watch the Green Lantern movie first) but I am betting that the rest of the shows are going to also comment on the streaming of folks from the Middle East and Africa up to and through Europe as well.  They wailed and waxed […]

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Open Immigration Is Good for ‘Business’… Depending on What You Mean by ‘Good’ or ‘Business’

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2015
Thumbnail image for Open Immigration Is Good for ‘Business’… Depending on What You Mean by ‘Good’ or ‘Business’

At SteynOnline, Mark opines on claims that the benefit of an open immigration policy outweigh the cost. Because culture trumps economics. If you’re a Swede who likes living in Sweden what would you rather forego? The 0.0035 of spectacular gangbusters economic growth? Or the mosques and the honor killings and the no-go areas and the […]

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I’ve thought this all along….

by Susan Olsen July 11, 2015

“Now a major portion of the left has stopped even pretending that they value work. Hence the growing support for a guaranteed minimum income, a lifetime handout large enough to provide everyone with a comfortable existence. The goal, according to one supporter of this idea, is precisely to allow people not to work. [But] the […]

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Poverty – Is it income inequality or consumption inequality that matters?

by Skip September 17, 2014

From Heritage, an infographic that talks about the poor in America.  And it really doesn’t describe the stereotype of what LBJ presented: that of real abject poverty in Appalachia.  We still have that in our minds when we hear about the poor.  And if you are in a location or socioeconomic strata in which you […]

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NH Democrats Open Up Budget and Spend Another 11 Million – “It’s not their money, right?”

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2014
Thumbnail image for NH Democrats Open Up Budget and Spend Another 11 Million – “It’s not their money, right?”

It must be tax and spend day in Concord.  New Hampshire Democrats are passing new taxes, new spending, violating the State Constitution…..I’m having flashbacks to 2009 – 2010. William O’Brien 1:03pm Mar 20 The Liberals in the House just voted to break open Gov. Hassan’s “perfect” budget to spend more money on welfare. HB 1635. […]

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Data Point – The welfare cliff

by Skip March 9, 2014

or: How the Government send the message to stay in the hammock instead of finding work Presented with little comment aside to note that when ‘work is punished‘ the demise of ‘opportunity’ will continue… The painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income […]

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Say it with me – “Primary”!

by Susan Olsen February 6, 2014
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The Welfare State is a selfish one. A free riding one. So how is this “equitable”?

by Skip January 27, 2014

  Pure Selfishness. And yes, I do get upset over this kind of person and that my Government, via its policies, encourages it. (H/T: Independent Journal Review) Video Auto plays on the jump!

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If You Have No Clue How To Fix It – Just Try And Hide It

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2014
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After five years of saying you fixed it, followed by ObamaCare–which will just make employment matters worse, this might send a message that you can’t fix it and should be replaced. Typically, the Unemployment Insurance program lasts for 26 weeks of unemployment with an additional 13 weeks during recessions.  Most of the cost is purveyed […]

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by Susan Olsen January 8, 2014
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Income Inequality cause? Obama ought to look in the mirror and his Progressive bible for the reason

by Skip January 2, 2014

“The irony is that Obama has said he is going to dedicate himself and the rest of his time in office to fighting inequality,” Krauthammer said. “He actually created the greatest inequality.” The president’s policies of having low interests rates and having the fed pump money into the economy have caused the rich to get […]

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