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Petition to End the US Department of Education – Support HR899

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2017

Got 30 seconds? HR899 ends the US Department of Education. Help by signing the petition at White House.gov. Since the US Dept. of Education was created in 1979 under President Carter, against the will of the American people, we have spent more money on education with no increase in academic achievement. Education in the US […]

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We the People Freedom Forum – so, where IS the website?

by Skip January 18, 2013

I had put this post up (“We the People Freedom Forum – so, where ARE the tax forms?“) a couple of days ago. Well, I just got a little tweet  – it seems that the site has now changed:     Well, well.  Questions getting a little to close about the non-profit status?  Thinking that […]

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Mark your calendars – Gun Appreciation Day!

by Susan Olsen January 8, 2013

January 19, 2013.  Learn more at: http://gunappreciationday.com/index  

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We The People

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2012
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