Second Amendment Rally Used by NH Media to Pimp Gun-Grabbing Narratives

Kimberly Morin joins me to discuss the NH Media “response” to the Women’s Defense League’s 2A Rally last weekend and how they can’t just report on the event. They have to make it about dishonest progressive, gun-grabbing narratives. Visit the original blog post for more ways to listen.

Former Sen. Bob Clegg – What We Did And What You Need to Do

Former State Sen. Bob Clegg speaking at the Women’s Defense League 2A rally explains what the goals are for a new piece of gun legislation, and what you need to do if you want to protect your hard-won 2A victories. For more ways to listen visit the original blog post, here.

Sen. Kevin Avard – Women’s Defense League 2A Rally –

State Sen. Kevin Avard speaks to the crowd in front of the New Hampshire State House at the 4th Annual Women’s Defense League 2A Rally in Concord New Hampshire. Want more ways to listen? Check out the blog post for this podcast, here.

A Gun Legislation Update and a Gun Rally This Saturday

Susan Olsen returns with an update on SB500, a Bill to clean up firearms language in state statute and there’s a gun rally this week. Tune in for the details.   Visit the blog-post page for more ways to listen.

GrokTALK! – Polling Concealed Carry

Emily Sandblade joins us to go through the results, question by question, of the Women’s Defense League scientific poll on concealed carry and carry licensing in New Hampshire. (PDF of the poll results available here)