Washington Times

Only a Matter of Time, Big Gov. Reaching for the 401k Plans

by Scott Morales February 6, 2013

Like the dipsomaniac thirsting for Bourbon, the slakeless in Washington thirst for your retirement savings. And I’m not talking about the highly suspect and mythical Social Security payments that my generation and generations after mine believe are about as real as the “hair” that rests atop Joe Biden’s dome. I’m referring to the plenary savings […]

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FORWARD: Socialism or Death! Are You Serious Mr President? Are You Serious?

by Mike April 30, 2012

Barry the Marxist and Joe the Gaffer rolled out a new campaign slogan today, but just like most ideas from the left, it has an old and tarnished history. H/T the Drudge Report, for picking up on the Washington Times article titled New Obama Slogan Has Long Ties To Marxism, Socialism, and adding the rather […]

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