Old Sanctimonious Liberal White Lady Scolds Deplorable Then Gets Escorted Off Plane

by Scott Morales January 23, 2017

Wooo hoo!!  The liberal freak out continues.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. An old sanctimonious liberal white lady expressed her disdain for the person sitting next to her on a plane.  She didn’t like that he was in Washington D.C. to attend President Trump’s inauguration and not to participate in the very weird, […]

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Pretty much…

by Susan Olsen June 26, 2015

David Burge

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We can’t depend on a Washington, Lincoln, or Reagan coming around any time soon

by Skip November 25, 2014

Indeed – it IS up to us and no one else.  So get up off that couch and get to work – 2016 is coming (and yes, the Left has forced the perpetual campaign upon us) (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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No Matter How Low Your Opinion of Washington Is….

by Steve MacDonald November 21, 2014
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From Iowahawk – my retweet of Iowahawk actually. RT .@iowahawkblog: … no matter how low your opinion of Washington, it's nothing compared to Washington's low opinion of you. — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) November 21, 2014 He later tossed this out there, and hey –when you’re right you’re right.  Congress – Make it Happen! Congress […]

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Big Government Serves Washington Insiders, Not You and Me

by Don June 25, 2014

President Obama gets the blame for the failures and deaths at the VA  because President Obama is the head of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government.  (Bush got the blame before, Obama gets it now.) The Executive branch is the only branch with the Constitutional authority to execute our laws, i.e., to manage our […]

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Here’s Income Inequality for You!

by Steve MacDonald December 16, 2013
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Show me the Money!?  Here it is.  DC to real world “Income inequality” since Democrats took control of Congress in 2006; and then add Obama and Boom!  (and all during the worst recession in US history?  Isn’t that what the Democrats called it?)  No recession in DC.  It’s good times! At least now you know…they […]

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Don’t all those 23,000 workers-to-be know they are wrong? And Walmart is EVIL?

by Skip December 4, 2013

At every turn, I keep hearing from the community organizer and unionista types that working at Wally World – how can those folks let Walmart DO those evil things like pay them poorly and unable to support themselves without Government assistance?  Never knowing their hours, moved around like cattle, no room for advancement (scratching head […]

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Breaking News: Washington Redskins to Change name…

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2013
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Remove Just 4 Democrat Cities And The US Global Ranking for Murder Drops to 4th lowest on the Planet?

by Steve MacDonald September 25, 2013
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Interesting… The United States is currently 3rd in murders throughout the world. But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, (cont) http://t.co/JEMjSK8Fqy — IrritatedWoman™ (@irritatedwoman) September 25, 2013 Here’s the entire thing. The United States is currently 3rd in murders throughout the world. But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the […]

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Speaking of ‘Presence’

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2013
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If a campaign worker can come to New Hampshire, live in a Senior Assistant Attorney General’s home, (Martha Fuller Clark’s Motel, Cindy Rosenwald’s vote-fraud flop-house), vote and then leave–because they’ve “established a presence,” even though they were only here for a few weeks or months, why don’t Carol Shea Porter and Ann Kuster vote in […]

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An excellent example of “rent-seeking” and “Crony Unionism”

by Skip September 12, 2013

Rent-Seeking: The expenditure of resources in order to bring about an uncompensated transfer of goods or services from another person or persons to one’s self as the result of a “favorable” decision on some public policy….Examples of rent-seeking behavior would include all of the various ways by which individuals or groups lobby government for taxing, […]

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I dream of Jeannie Shaheen too – and Carol Shea-Porter, Annie Kuster, and Kelly Ayotte and it’s still a nightmare.

by Skip August 11, 2013

Ladies (you who now belong to the DC Ruling Political Class), I bet you all are so relieved – that you and your staffers have all been relieved of the burden of sharing in the “shared sacrifice / responsibility” (as a President of oft to say) of Obamacare and joining with the rest of us […]

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Facebook Needs to Add Another Detail to Their ‘About’ Feature

by Steve MacDonald July 27, 2013

This is from the Facebook page of one of the “young people” (she’s 26) that was staying at Martha’s Motel in Portsmouth; the congressional staffer who was paid by her Congressman while she voted in New Hampshire and claimed to live in Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s home, but whose commitment to New Hampshire […]

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The utter corruption of Congress challenged…

by Tim Condon May 16, 2013

…by the simple courage and honesty of one man, Dr. Rand Paul:

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This is the first time I’ve heard this….

by Tim Condon January 23, 2013

…and in contradistinction to most times in our lives, this is a chance to commemorate it: The “DC” in Washington, DC stands for “District of Corruption.” Is it not apt? Is it not true? You tell me.

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Underpaid servants of the public!

by Tim Condon October 10, 2012

It’s official: Washington, DC is the richest city in America. Gee. Why would that be?

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