Send a Wanker home for Christmas – Part III

by Skip December 30, 2012

Grokster Tom put up Send a Wanker home for Christmas in reaction to CNN’s Brit celebrity talking head, Piers Morgan, constant hoplaphobic yakking about how some US Citizens “over value” the words of the Second Amendment and seems to be in total agreement with Obama’s phrase concerning bitter clingers and their guns and Bibles.  Then […]

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So now the White House HAS to say something about Piers Morgan!

by Skip December 24, 2012

Grokster Tom had put this up about Piers Morgan – a British subject who is also a CNN evening anchor – who has been using his TV show and the US Constitution’s First Amendment to bash the US Constitution’s Second Amendment: Send a Wanker home for Christmas… Piers Morgan is a degenerate, rude, America-hater (even […]

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