Walter E Williams

Thinking Of Minimum Wage……

by Mike March 12, 2014

Let’s Freeze, Personalize, Polarize, and Ridicule:Hey Terie – Here’s an economics lesson in pictures for the mathematically challenged!

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He’s Not Down For The Struggle – Obama Calls For Racist Minimum Wage

by Mike February 16, 2013

Born into white privileged ‘limousine liberal’ society, riding affirmative action through academia, adored by liberal whites as the ‘Magic Negro‘ who could assuage their white guilt, thoroughly indoctrinated with Marxism, and best buddies with the labor unions, Barack Obama has been described by some black commentators as ‘inauthentic’, ‘not down for the struggle’. Indeed, even […]

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Minimum Wage Is Raacist!

by Mike January 12, 2013

Yes, indeedy, like most ideas promoted by Progressives/Liberals/Socialists, the helpful-sounding minimum wage is more about keeping the unqualified job seekers (read minorities) out of the labor market than it is about improving the living standards of the lowest strata of wage earners. It’s time to start calling a spade a spade (so as to speak), […]

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