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Pop-Corn and Isikoff

by Ed Naile February 7, 2018

The unfolding by the minute attempted overthrow of a sitting president by the American news media and Democrats has been shy, so far, of the inevitable financial paper trail. We are linking people and emails right now. But I did notice some interesting blacked out fields in a Fusion GPS expense statement a while back. […]

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Meet The Press was no better than the Concord Monitor on the insurance bailouts

by Skip October 16, 2017

Yesterday, Meet The Press (MTP) was no better than the Concord Monitor on the insurance bailouts, and it was quite clear, right from the start, that this was going to be nothing more than a Trump bashing and it was clear why. MTP shows its journalistic bias just as clearly as the Concord Monitor. Chuck Todd […]

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The Obama Five-Step Response To a Scandal

by Steve MacDonald May 30, 2014
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It’s the Obama Five-Step.  (Everyone dance!) Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, among others, has identified the administration’s predictable five-step response to a scandal: Step One: Say “We had no idea.” Step Two: Express great outrage. Step Three: Fire some low-level employee. Step Four: Announce a review, a study, or an investigation; deny any […]

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Meanwhile, this just in from Ohio: Naked Nerf Games. (“We are safe and everything.”)

by Tim Condon June 13, 2013

In further signs of the imminent collapse of Western Civilization, a young marketing genius, Jake King, emerges in Ohio: He’s responsible for organizing this year’s massive…naked Nerf games.  Ahem! From today’s Wall Street Journal (you really should subscribe):

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The U.S. government joins China to target an American newspaper….

by Tim Condon March 18, 2013

Well, well, well: President Obama, U.S. Attorney General Holder, and the Chinese communist dictatorship have teamed up to attack an American newspaper, using a little-known federal law. Coincidentally, no doubt, it’s a newspaper that doesn’t openly support any of the three (unlike, say, the Washington Post or the New York Times). Read all about it. (And […]

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“The Washington Monument Ploy”: As in the Town of Grafton, so too in Washington, DC

by Tim Condon February 20, 2013

Less than two weeks ago the people of the town of Grafton gathered to vote on their annual town budget. In arguing for a 10% reduction in spending—which passed—I explained that…

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A Cautionary Tale For Democrats: Red State Boom vs Blue State Bust

by Mike January 28, 2013

On FNC this afternoon, The WSJ Editorial Report covered the Phil Mickelson tax controversy, and where he could live for less than a 63% penalty. Paul Gigot, James Freeman, Kimberly Strassel and Stephen Moore discussed how states with no, or falling, income tax are booming, and states with high, or rising, income tax are stagnant […]

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Today’s almighty federal government: “The illusion of impregnability”

by Tim Condon December 19, 2012

Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal that “big government is here to stay. This is particularly important for libertarians to absorb. Over the last two hundred years…

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Surprise! Real U.S. national debt is $86.8 trillion.

by Tim Condon December 3, 2012

I swear. The Wall Street Journal has better letters-to-the-editor than any other newspaper. Sometimes they educate all by themselves. For instance, here are comments on a piece about our real national debt being over $85 TRILLION, not the measly $16 trillion obediently reported by the media: From George Leef in Raleigh, North Carolina:

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I agree with this.

by Tim Condon November 29, 2012

Notable Quote, from Daniel Henninger in today’s Wall Street Journal, “The Racializing of American Politics”: Republicans should start growing their share of the electorate by doing a better job of…

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Our destructive government schools…

by Tim Condon September 27, 2012

…and why we desperately need competition and alternatives. This from today’s Wall Street Journal (bless those WSJ editorial pages!) where the owner of an employment agency writes in to explain that there are “jobs going begging” because applicants lack extraordinarily basic skills that public schools have failed to inculcate. Those “skills”? Well, it’s almost ridiculous to use that […]

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Is the GOP dead in the long run? The WSJ begs to differ.

by Tim Condon August 2, 2012

I recently quoted political analyst, author, commentator, and former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, who says “In the long run, the GOP is dead.” Why? Because the GOP’s voting base of white people is shrinking, while the numbers of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians—all of whom tend to vote Democrat—are rising. Goodbye GOP? “No so fast,” says […]

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Public schools are government schools, government schools are monopolies, and thus…

by Tim Condon June 21, 2012

…government schools don’t work. Did you know that 2,000 high schools in America constitute “‘dropout factories,’ where more than 40% of the freshman class fails to graduate. Most are in poor or minority zip codes wehre kids and parents have no other options. These 2,000 schools produce—if that’s the word—51% of U.S. dropouts.” How can […]

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The Worldwide Decline of Democracy: Post-liberalism and the emergence of “Pre-liberal” democracy

by Tim Condon June 19, 2012

From today’s Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens opines on what “post-liberal” democracy is bringing to this world. “Much of modern European democracy,” he writes, “is of a post-liberal variety. Post-liberalism seeks to replace the classical liberalism of individual liberty, limited government, property rights and democratic sovereignty with a new liberalism that favors….

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Maybe it wasn’t “an intemperate outburst” after all….

by Tim Condon April 5, 2012

Yesterday I had THIS to say about President Obama (courtesy of Grokster Skip Murphy provoking me). I condemned myself, saying it was an “intemperate outburst.” But on second thought….

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