Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required

by Steve MacDonald December 1, 2017

Wal-Mart has removed a T-Shirt from its website offered by a third-party vendor called Teespring after the Television Digital News Association notified the retailer about the questionable message it sends. Wal-Mart admits that it violates their policies and has taken it down, but I wonder if anyone would object if there said Fox News Journalist? […]

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New Hampshire Democrats Will Be Attacking AG ‘Uncle’ Joe Foster Any Minute Now….

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2014
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Remember when the New Hampshire legislature had a Republican Majority?  Good times.  Good times. Well, they wanted to lower the tobacco tax by .10 cents a pack and New Hampshire Democrats snapped like a twig.  It was irresponsible to lower that revenue.  There may have even been some angry cursing and insults.  In fact, I’m […]

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Wal-Mart Walk Out

by Steve MacDonald November 16, 2012

I know where I am going to shop on Black Friday.  Wal-Mart. Why? Because pro-union groups are agitating Wal-Mart employees across the nation to walk-out on Black Friday.  Unions have been trying to ruin Wal-Mart’s price advantage for years, particularity since they got into the grocery business; grocers unions were pissed and still are. Overall […]

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Subject: A lady shopping in a Texas store…and the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

by Tim Condon July 24, 2012

The lady above is said to be shopping in a Texas Wal-Mart. I am delighted to see it, and hope to see the same in New Hampshire: As any rational person can see, stores with customers like this are far safer than without. You doubt it? Consider the massacre in the Aurora theater: If only […]

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Wal-Mart: Making Stuff Up as We Merrily Go Along

by Rick Olson July 16, 2012

“Wal-mart… do they like make walls there?” —Paris Hilton I truly dislike Walmart. Back in April, I detailed in my column why Wal-Mart is anti-gun, “but it’s a secret.” Having gone to Wal-Mart for some tires, I felt myself lectured and admonished by a technician over the mere presence of an unloaded firearm present in my vehicle. […]

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What I Hate About Wal-Mart

by Steve MacDonald August 26, 2011

The latest trend at self-checkout, OK it is not the latest I’m just being timely, seems to be that people with fifty items or more also feel compelled to use it, as if this will actually take less time than standing in another line. These are of course the same people who have no idea how to use it, if that gives you some idea of where this is headed.

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