Voting Purposes

So, Governor, You Want to Talk About the Constitutionality of HB 1264? Let’s Talk.

by Ed Mosca May 27, 2018

THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SUPREME COURT CASE NO. 2018-0267 Request for an Opinion of the Justices (Amending Definition of Resident and Residency) MEMORANDUM OF ED MOSCA IN SUPPORT OF THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF HOUSE BILL 1264 I. INTRODUCTION – A COURT OF LAW OR A WOKE COURT? In Guare v. State, 117 A.3d 731 (2015), this […]

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Reminder: SB 3 is Crap – Amend it or Scrap It

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2017

Senate Bill 3 claims to address the issue of domicile and residence for voting purposes in New Hampshire. It fails. The Senate passed it anyway, and despite its flaws, it is up for consideration in the House. The single biggest problem is non-resident college students voting in local elections instead of voting absentee where the […]

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Are We at Their “Collective” Mercy?

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2012

The State Constitution says that you must be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote here. The legal definition of domicile is your residence.  By law you can only have one of these. But Judge Lewis allowed the ACLU’s “love the one you are with” definition of domicile to supersede the common law definition.  Anyone can […]

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