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GrokTALK! January 17th 2015 – The Videos!

by Skip January 18, 2015

This week on GrokTALK!, apparently we had streaming problems yesterday – and I only found out AFTER the show so The Videos will show a mix of the streaming and our backup camera.  Also, Segment 4 and the Bonus Segment (after our normal show) will be in their own separate post just due to I […]

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Welcome to Cramalot

by Ed Naile December 7, 2014

Starting in October a small liberal paper in Milford began questioning The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers articles about interstate vote thief Jared Steven Cram, a lawyer who lives in Philadelphia Pa. and who votes in both states to maximize his vote value. That is something real NH voters can not do legally. See RSA […]

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Democrats deny there’s Voter Fraud – until they ASK for it!

by Skip December 1, 2014

State Senator Elbert Guillory, spokesperson for the Black Conservative Fund brings us this story of Opelousas, Louisiana Mayor Don Cravins Sr asking people to commit Voter Fraud, asking that people who early voted go ahead and vote again (“One more time’s not going to hurt”).  He then remind them to vote for a given District Attorney so […]

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Judicial Watch Voter Integrity Project – NH

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2014
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We knew Judicial Watch would be here monitoring our last election, and now we’ve got their intial findings. From Breitbart While voter identification is a technical requirement in New Hampshire, the law is riddled with loopholes that threaten to render it ineffective as any sort of check on fraud. That’s what a team of Judicial […]

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GrokTV: interview with Bill O’Brien – Questions 9 & 10 (Conservatarians, Domicile & Voter Fraud)

by Skip November 14, 2014

Even in a small State like New Hampshire there is more than a plethora of issues to keep us in blog fodder for, well, forever.  You see, since Progressives have carried out their “The personal is political, the political is the personal”, politics has been shoved by them into every nook and cranny of our […]

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Judicial Watch In NH – NOT UN Inspectors

by Ed Naile November 8, 2014

Judicial watch was in NH on Election Day and they pretty much saw what the State does to ensure Democrats win elections in an otherwise Red State . The “loophole” of letting anyone, well not just anyone, but thousands, cast an irretrievable vote without any form of ID doesn’t really pass the smell test – […]

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CNHT Voter Integrity Project

by Ed Naile October 30, 2014

Anyone who has a history of working on elections in New Hampshire is aware of how corrupted by out of state, transient voters and special interests our once locally run elections have become. If you, as a NH citizen, would like to help return integrity to our elections here is how you can help. And […]

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January One, 1850

by Ed Naile October 22, 2014

As state by state voter fraud schemes created by lawsuits, rigged court cases, and leftist legislatures take hold you will see more stories like this one from New York state where some voters are “164 years old”. A single Bronx voter listed in official records as being 164 years old led Board of Elections officials […]

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Voter Fraud Is No Different Than Identity Fraud

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2014
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New Hampshire Democrats have been advocating and defending voter fraud for years.  They say it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone who happens to be in the state on election day to vote for them because no one can possibly know their intent.  They then flood the state with people who have no intention of staying after […]

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Supreme Court, 7-2, votes to decrease Voter Fraud

by Skip October 8, 2014

From Redstate (via Scotusblog), this snippet (in honor of Ed catching double voter Jared Cram – emphasis mine): The Supreme Court, with two Justices noting dissents, on Wednesday afternoon allowed North Carolina to bar voters from registering and casting their ballots on the same day, and to refuse to count votes that were cast in the […]

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CNHT Bags Another Interstate Double Voter: Jared S. Cram

by Ed Naile October 8, 2014
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Does the S. stand for scumbag or stupid? You decide. Philadelphia resident, long time registered Pa. voter, Pa. attorney and marriage equality activist, Jared S. Cram, voted in NH in 2012 in the General and Primary out of Wilton as well as Ward 58 in Philadelphia where he lives at: Apt. G73 , 450 W. […]

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Never Forget Who Democrats Are….

by Mike October 2, 2014

    Democrats are very close cousins of Communists, including but not limited to: Suppressing the Constitution, stuffing ballot boxes, and destroying opponents. Hmmm…… Sorta like THIS:

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GrokTALK! Sept. 27, 2014; There’s Vote Fraud In NH – The Video

by Skip September 27, 2014

Once again, Steve has the audio up already:  here! Pre-show – trying some tech that we used in the previous GrokTALK! show. Segment 1 – talk about Voter Fraud, NH Sec of State Bill Gardner, UL Editorial Page Editor Drew Cline, National Voter Fraud c0nsortium, what is domicile, NH Attorney General’s office blows off New Boston […]

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What To Do About Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile September 26, 2014

Because this issue is so relevant I will be doing a series of stories about it – that would be the NH Secretary of State’s “interview” with the Manchester paper. In the “interview,” which asked no relevant questions, Sec. of State Bill Gardner mentions that he himself saw an AmeriCorps team from out of state […]

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NH Cannot Protect Your Vote
Do You Even Give A Damn?

by Steve MacDonald September 24, 2014
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Anyone, from anywhere, can vote here.  Anyone.  From anywhere.  Any Election.  They don’t even have to show up.   They just need to provide an address, a domicile du jour, no strings attached, and they get to cast a ballot in your town. How?  New Hampshire Democrats as a matter of policy, a series of New […]

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Michelle Bensingor – Dual Voter Worked In NH on Shaheen For Senate

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2014
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Michelle Bensingor worked for the New Hampshire Democrat Party in 2008.  She worked for Shaheen for Senate in 2008.  She registered to vote and voted in Manchester in 2008. Ed Naile and Girard at Large are reporting that Michelle Bensingor has been an active registered voter in Maryland since 2003 and still is…   Many […]

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An Inside Look at How Democrats Rig the Election Game in North Carolina

by Ed Naile September 17, 2014

Guest Post By: James Simpson In North Carolina Republicans took over the North Carolina legislature in 2010, and Charlotte ’s popular Republican mayor, Pat McCrory, won the governor’s mansion in 2012. This gave the GOP full control of the state government for the first time since 1898. In 2013 Governor McCrory signed a new voter […]

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Will Jeanne Shaheen’s Out Of State Friends Come Back To NH In 2014?

by Ed Naile September 14, 2014

Friends of Jeanne Shaheen… Who are they? Are they here NOW? One is Blake Roter, Chicago Attorney who voted in 08 from a voter fraud nest at Unit # 818 at 1200 Elm St. in Manchester . He stays in touch with his NH pals, especially Sean Doyle, on Twitter! Blake was never from NH, […]

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Jeanne Shaheen Voter Fraud Queen

by Ed Naile September 10, 2014

Jeanne Shaheen the Voter Fraud Queen is going to run as negative a campaign as she can against the Independent she is going to face in November. Her little army of out of state supporters will kick into gear here in NH then slip away after the election, just like they always do. Case in […]

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Common Sense v. Common Vote Theft

by Ed Naile August 17, 2014

How does the State of Nebraska define Domicile? Domicile, as you may recall, is the key, and only, word in the NH State Constitution that defines where a NH inhabitant votes. Here is what the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue says about Domicile: Domicile. Domicile is the place an individual has his or her permanent place […]

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Who Cares Enough To Protect Your Vote – And State?

by Ed Naile August 15, 2014

Congratulations to these individuals who took the weekly CNHT Voter Fraud Workshop at the CNHT office on 8 North Main St. last evening. They now are armed with the basic documents that expose the outright fraud conducted against the domiciled taxpayers of NH by our activist judges, NH AG’s Office and Secretary of State in […]

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Interstate Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile June 30, 2014

You may not have seen this in the news because it is one of those things that never happens – but it happened again. A Democrat in the State of Washington mailed some phony letters to Florida Republicans in an effort to quell his mental disorder – progressivism. One, James Webb Baker Jr. 58 of […]

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Martha Fuller Clark’s Drive-Thru Voting (“Driving Instructors” Wanted)

by Steve MacDonald June 16, 2014
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Martha Fuller Clark’s Drive-Thru Voting – Driving instructors needed….

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Martha Fuller Clark – ‘Much More Needs To Be Done’

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2014
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Democrat New Hampshire State Senator Martha Fuller Clark is running for re-election.  When she signed up to run again she made it clear that she and her party have more destruction to reap upon New Hampshire. This also means that Martha’s Motel will be taking reservations for the 2014 Election season. To make your reservations […]

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Ain’t That Tweet!

by Ed Naile May 21, 2014

While doing the regular Wednesday 6:40 am WLMW 90.7 segment on voter fraud there was an on air news flash. I mentioned 2012 ballot box stuffer and NY resident, Katrina Lipinsky, as being caught voting in Merrimack by some Republicans who were on the lookout for such things. Having just done a voter fraud workshop […]

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Voter ID Popular with NH Citizens But Not The NH Media?

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2014
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The Dartmouth College of Sexual Assault and Left-Wing Learning recently produced data that demonstrated high approval among registered NH voters for requiring ID to vote.  Seventy-five percent of those polled, many of whom also favored a gender equality amendment and stricter gun control, thought that presenting an ID at the polls was a good idea.  […]

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Thanks To NH Labor News And Granite State Progress

by Steve MacDonald May 13, 2014
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I recently posted an article regarding the NH Labor news and whether or not they wanted to help fight voter fraud in New Hampshire?  They didn’t, but then they actually did.  Ed Naile to that very short list of the eight names gathered by out-of-state funded Granite State Progress and ran them up the “flagpole.”  […]

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NH Labor News Wants To Help Expose Voter Fraud in NH….Or Do They? (Updated)

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2014
Thumbnail image for NH Labor News Wants To Help Expose Voter Fraud in NH….Or Do They? (Updated)

We’ve been highlighted in a national story by Accuracy in Media.  I’m always  proud to promote such things so I tweeted it. #NH featured in @AccuracyInMedia #VoteFraud An existential Threat To America #nhpolitics — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) May 8, 2014 NH Labor News ( a happy little left-wing outfit) saw it and responded. […]

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Accuracy In Media Features NH In Vote Fraud Investigation

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2014
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This article from Accuracy In Media takes a big broad look at the lefts conspiratorial efforts to institutionalize vote fraud in America, and Ed Naile, CNHT, and GraniteGrok, get some attention and/or link love in the process. Here’s an excerpt leading up to the bits about New Hampshire’s situation. A long time ago, the Left […]

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May, Shall, What’s The Difference?

by Ed Naile May 5, 2014

 North Carolina arrests one Antonio Terez Harris for Election Law Violations Looks like the County Sheriff arrested Mr. Harris of: 707 Lake Dr. Herculaneum , MO 63048 Phone Number: (636) 479-6314 Also of 115 Meadowfield Circle , Aberdeen , N.C. Think Mr. Harris has a DOMICILE problem? There is so little information about this arrest […]

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