Voter Checklist

Dan Innis: Interesting what older voting lists can show – and new ones, too!

by Skip June 12, 2014

As regular readers know, GraniteGrok has been working (thanks mostly to Ed & Steve) on Voter Fraud for quite some time.  In that action, we have a lot of friends all over the State that have sent in tips and gathered voter rolls / checklists to help out.  One such friend sent this in after […]

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A Return to Martha’s Motel – Ellen Whelan-Wuest Knows How to Vote In Her ‘Home’ State

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2013

State Senator Martha Fuller Clark has some explaining to do with regard to Ellen Rose Whelan-Wuest. Ms. Whelan-Wuest makes no mention of New Hampshire on her LinkedIn profile as a place of employment or even interest.  Chicago, Durham (North Carolina), Brooklyn NY, even New York City, where she is working presently. We have her tracks […]

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A Question for Martha Fuller Clark- Why?

by Steve MacDonald July 30, 2013

Yesterday I posted a statement by the Democrat State Senator, Martha Fuller Clark, in which she claimed that Andrea Riccio had not lived in or voted here since 2008.  This is a curious admission to make.  The year 2008 comes before 2010 by which the voter rolls would have been purged of people who were […]

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Highway Robbery in Barrington New Hampshire? (Updated & Bumped)

by Steve MacDonald November 15, 2012

Originally Posted 11/13/2012 (Updated below 11/15/2012) It looks like the town clerk in Barrington, New Hampshire has a little side business going on the sly. First, in a town with 5000 plus voters there were 630 new registrations for this year’s election.  That’s in the neighborhood of the 10-12% increase we keep seeing all over […]

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