Disqus Doodlings – Treehugger is so upset we buy clothes for ourselves….Part 3

by Skip April 11, 2018

Part 1 is here.  In Part 2 over at Treehugger, Chris Howard decided to deride shopping altogether: Masturshopping. Shopping for self pleasure, not want or need. Well, he took the bait and answer my question of “And how is “shopping for pleasure” different than “want”? I see no difference at all”.  I still see no […]

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To quote a famous Progressive “What difference does it make?”

by Skip April 16, 2017

The TEA Partiers protested their own taxes.  Now Lefties are protesting over someone else’s: Nationwide marches set to protest Trump tax returns. (H/T: Instapundit).  Yeah, I’m not surprised at yesterday’s Tax Day protests by Progressives just like we, as TEA Partiers, did on April 15ths.  However, here’s a YUGE difference between us and them. As a […]

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United Airlines – really, HANDCUFF threat?

by Skip April 13, 2017

“They said they’d put me in cuffs if they had to.” “I asked if he’ll ever fly United again….Fearns could only laugh. “Are you kidding?”” Yep, another “United beats its customers” story. I’m quite sure that we’ll be hearing about these stories for a while of paying passengers being hauled off jets for no fault […]

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Notable Quote – Don Lavoie

by Skip April 13, 2017

It is indicative of a peculiar view of society when the (voluntary) actions of millions of market participants are dismissed as inaction merely because active (coercive) involvement by the government is minimized. -Prof. Don Lavoie (Economics, National Economic Planning: What Is Left?🙂 (H/T: Cafe Hayek)  

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Another instance of “You don’t need that”

by Skip July 2, 2016

Yep, another “tell” to recognized that there be Progressives afoot in the land with one and only one purpose – to find your wallet and return the money in it to its rightful owner – Government. So, along comes Joanna White, Tom Shamberg (looking to go to Concord) and Rep. Eric Schmidt from Grantham (part of a group […]

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Good Question: Will hospitals voluntarily pay $40M to keep expanded Medicaid going?

by Skip April 15, 2016

From the Concord Monitor from a little bit ago (reformatted, emphasis mine): Will hospitals voluntarily pay $40M to keep expanded Medicaid going? Newly approved plan relies on voluntary contributions from hospitals, insurance carriers.  New Hampshire’s newly reauthorized Medicaid expansion is riding on a hope that hospitals and insurance carriers will voluntarily help foot the bill, […]

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Prager University: The Morality of Free Markets

by Skip September 14, 2015

By one of my favorites on the ‘Net – Dr. Walter Williams: “Capitalism: what did you do to serve your fellow man” What is more fair – that YOU get to decide when and for what you decide to buy or sell?  Or Government deciding?  What is of more value – what you decide means […]

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Charity is not charity when it is collected as taxes

by Skip August 27, 2015

Socialists / Statists believe that charity begins and ends with Government; if Government doesn’t do it, it’s not worth it nor is it charity.  If you have examined, oh say Joe Biden’s tax return, you see how miserly he is (even as he and his wife are part of the 1%).  We’ve blogged about many […]

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Progressives – if they can’t beat you, they’ll just beat you

by Skip February 23, 2015

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Individualist vs Collectivist mentality: the Leave Me Alone Coalition vs “You WILL be forced together”

by Skip October 25, 2014

As in “we’re all in this together”.  Voluntarily being part of a group is one thing if it is voluntary but Progressives / Socialists / Collectivists brook no dissent – you WILL be made to be all in (with them in charge).  This article at Bearing Arms lays out the contradiction that is tearing apart the American polity […]

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Renny May I?

by Susan Olsen October 11, 2014

“Cushing said there needed to be an emphasis on obtaining consent, otherwise “it’s not appropriate for people to engage in sexual activity.” – Renny Cushing, Democrat, Rockingham County District 21      

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ObamaCare, ObamaZone – The Big Lie: ” It was disguised as something that would be almost completely voluntary”

by Skip July 27, 2014

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And that is not the expression of one that values or cherishes Freedom; instead, it is THE  seedling of Totalitarianism.  Obamacare, ObamaZoning – different facets of the same evil – those that have the hubris of incomplete knowledge that feel they have the right […]

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“I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

by Skip October 7, 2013

Unlike how Obama is pulling the wool over their eyes, I really do wonder how many Low Information Voters understand the difference: that one is strictly voluntary and can be totally blown off without retaliation, and the other is the reason why there are now 16,000 IRS agents (and their visit with you will NOT […]

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