Charlottesville: Another Nail in the Coffin of a Left Wing Lie

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2017

One of the professional lefts long-standing narratives in defense of gun control is that there is no need for personal firearms because the government will protect you. But Charlottesville, Virgina is the latest evidence of what the right has long maintained. The police have no obligation to protect you. They are not required to do so. […]

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McAuliffe: Trump Election Commission a pretext to validate Donald Trump’s alternative election facts

by Ed Naile July 2, 2017

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has stated that the Trump election integrity commission just might be bent on committing voter suppression. Is that a fact? Here is McAuliffe’s quote, McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and longtime Clinton family ally, said, “At best this commission was set up as a pretext to validate Donald Trump’s […]

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Talk about foreign influence on American elections

by Skip May 30, 2017

And the Democrats here in NH are all up in arms about NH SecState Gardner asked to serve in President Trump’s task force on voter fraud?  What are they, and national Democrats, scared of? Emphasis mine, reformatted: A new report released shortly after the forming of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity finds that […]

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Voter Fraud Happened In Virginia – The Pattern Is The Same

by Ed Naile March 18, 2017

Alexandria Resident Found Guilty of Voter Registration Fraud Vafalay Massaquoi pleaded guilty to two counts of forging a public record and one count of election fraud. By Mary Ann Barton (Patch Staff) – January 12, 2017 11:43 am ET Here we have another voter registration scam where the activity stems from a well-funded, left-wing community […]

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Thousands of noncitizens lurking on Virginia’s voter rolls

by Steve MacDonald March 2, 2017

Thousands of noncitizens are lurking on Virginia’s voter rolls. (Wash.Times) When Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall asked the state’s 133 local governments to provide numbers on noncitizens and jury pools, Loudoun County produced some hefty figures. Between 2009 and 2014, the Washington, D.C., exurb of more than 350,000 residents had disqualified more than 9,000 of them […]

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Virginia Democrat Caught Registering Dead People to Vote

by Ed Naile October 2, 2016

I would imagine, and hope, most people have seen the recent stories about the young college student who re-registered 19 deceased voters in Virginia. He was part of a young Democrats organization. This student’s name is Andrew Spieles. He has admitted he did this, which is probably the best thing for his party and candidate […]

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Virginia is for ….Felons?

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2016
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The state of Virgina may be poised to begin a foot-race with states like Illinois and Massachusetts. The prize? Successive instances of powerful elected officials being indicted or convicted of fraud or corruption. Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell was convicted on 11 counts of corruption. Terry McAuliffe, the current Gov., is now under investigation for illegal campaign […]

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Attn VA Gov: Felons Can’t Vote if they’re Dead

by Scott Morales May 17, 2016

Some days it’s  more bewildering than others to attempt to answer why the hellish hyperstate is trusted to do even the most basic fundamental tasks. Like you know, feeding somebody so that they don’t starve to death. It seems to me that should be mastered before taking on additional responsibilities.  How about proving you can […]

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Democrat Virginia AG just ideologically nuked out of state concealed carry reciprocity

by Skip December 23, 2015

All by his lonesome from his perch in the Executive Branch. If you are from the States where your CCW was formerly recognized by Virginia, yer outta luck (emphasis mine): Virginia attorney general Mark Herring (D, in case you were wondering) has announced that he will be severing Virginia’s firearms license reciprocity agreements with a slew […]

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Somewhere in Virgina…

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2014
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Somewhere in Virgina…   H/T Facebook

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Yeah, and the Democrats keep picking on it

by Skip April 24, 2014

Voter fraud, that is.  We’ve put up a lot of the names of the perpetual Democrat / Organizing for Obama [American socialists] that come here to work on campaigns, staying at Democrat “nest” homes, quick vote here in NH, and then skedaddle out to the next piece of work.  We’ve caught the double registrants and […]

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Vote Thieves Of An OFA Feather Domicile Together?

by Ed Naile November 17, 2013

Here we are: 401368933 ROTTENBERG,  JANICE  MICHELE 1111 Army Navy  DR.  Apt 1427 Arlington, VA  22202    008 – HUME Above is the Virginia voting record of our old vote thief, Janice Rottenberg. Janice is still registered in Nashua , NH where her liberal voter fraud friendly pals will argue that it was her DOMICILE when […]

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Don’t Let Them “Detroit” Virginia

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2013
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This ad was focus-grouped in Virgina.  It was so effective it moved Democrats away from Democrat candidate Terry McAuliff–who, if you have forgotten, had at least two transient former OFA-NH  Ballot-box-stuffers working his campaign in 2013 after they voted and left the Granite State. That is all well and good for Virginia, but what I […]

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Student Attending Canadian College, Who Voted From Sr. Asst. NH AG’s Home in 2012, Vanishes from LinkedIn

by Steve MacDonald October 5, 2013
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OFA Ballot Box Stuffer Melissa Shohet’s LinkedIn Profile is gone.  Vanished.  Disappeared.  Who is Melissa Shohet?  Allow me to remind you. When Melissa Shohet votes in New Hampshire, she claims to live at 5 Stone Post Road in Salem New Hampshire, the home of Michael and Christine Brown.   Michael K. Brown.  Michael K. Brown is […]

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Meet Melissa Shohet – OFA Ballot Box Stuffer and Transient Voter

by Steve MacDonald August 30, 2013
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You might not be at all surprised to learn that Daniel Barluschke was registered and voted (as a Democrat) from New Hampshire Democrat Mille Knudson’s home on 93 Noons Quarry Road in Milford, NH in the 2008 general election.  [Knudson (D-Milford) was actually running for the NH House while Daniel was voting from her home. […]

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One of Terry McAuliffe’s Regional Field Directors Was Registered to Vote In Nashua NH

by Steve MacDonald August 19, 2013
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New Hampshire Democrat Cindy Rosenwald should have become infamous for her remarks on the Patch in which she admitted that the departing Democrat legislative majority, and party leadership, knew there was an $800 million dollar hole in the New Hampshire budget and that they (Democrats) knew they would have to cut.  This was all forgotten […]

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Home is Where The Vote Fraud Is

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2013
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If we called Ben Rous’ home in Virginia and asked his wife where her husband ‘lives,’ do you think she’d  say 50 Adams Point Road in Durham New Hampshire? Ben is the adult son of New Hampshire Democrat Emma Rous (Former Democrat House Rep).  Emma lives at 50 Adams Point Road in Durham New Hampshire?  […]

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