Stop the Party I Want to Get Off

by Tom February 3, 2014

We affiliate with or join political parties to support ideas that we believe in. We say, “I’m a Republican”, “I’m a Democrat”, or, increasingly, “I’m an Independent”, based on our core principles. Each political party has a platform. New Hampshire Democrats have theirs and New Hampshire Republicans have theirs. These platforms are unsigned contracts between […]

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Anonymous responds to Obama’s 2013 Gun Control measures….

by Tom January 28, 2013

The pot is boiling.  The Executive Branch’s DHS is buying fully-automatic rifles and millions of rounds of .223 caliber ammunition. When is someone in the GOP going to file an impeachment case against this President?  Will it be left up to the people of the United States (likely just 3%, as in 1776) to correct this […]

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