You Want Socialism? Be Prepared to Pay $170.00 for a Hamburger (If you can find one)

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2016
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The oil-rich nation of Venezuela embraced Chavez, a populist, socialist. In return, he gave them socialism. Socialism gave them the only thing it can, shortages, poverty, desperation, and eventually violence. Coca-Cola has had to stop operations because it cannot get sugar even though neighboring Brazil is the single largest producer of sugar in the world. […]

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Venezuela’s Socialism Payment Coming Due

by Scott Morales May 16, 2016

Ahh, socialism. It is indeed wondrous in its ability to demolish prosperity. It’s like a giant syringe stuck into the heart of a society with it’s plunger extracting slowly, drawing all the beating life from the organ until it’s a deflated shriveled husk resembling more a scabrous raisin than any life giving organ. For today’s […]

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An “end feature” of Bernie’s and Hillary’s Democratic Socialism – see Venezuela

by Skip May 1, 2016

Under Chavez and his designated replacement Maduro, we can see EXACTLY what will happen if Progressives keep moving us further away from the Constitution and towards Das Kapital: With Socialism Failing To Provide, Venezuelans Resort To Looting In Order To Survive Right now, there is a lack of access to television, long distance phone service, […]

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Look What Happened in Venezuela With Gun Rights…

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2014
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A former citizen of Chavez’ Venezuela, Olympic shooter Gabby Franco talks about gun registration, confiscation, and gun rights in her home country, and why she objects to familiar sounding anti-gun rhetoric in her new country, the United States

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“Socialism: it just hasn’t been implemented by the right set of people – yet”

by Skip November 6, 2013

Certainly not in the late Chavez’s Venezuela – last time it was foreign currency black markets, rotting food on the docks, and toilet paper hording.  Socialism – the promise of a Utopia for Everyone!  I guess that 130 years, in lots of countries world-wide, not ONE set of folks has gotten it right yet!  Small […]

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Hugo Chavez is Dead

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez is dead. No word on whether Obama will look for a replacement socialist for Book Club Night.

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The Spiral Begins – Competitive Devaluation, AKA Currency Wars

by Mike February 12, 2013

Updated and bumped: Less than 24 hours after we brought you this warning, we read that The world’s biggest banks are begging the leaders of the G20 nations to avoid a currency war. From The Blaze: The world’s biggest banks on Monday begged the Group of 20 economic powers to work together to avoid a […]

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The Missiles of Venezuela

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2011

Can the guy who accepts books from the same dictator who is prepared to represent a significant risk to American interests in the hemisphere–including interests in America, step up and take them out before they are operational? Or does the major troublemaker and regional king maker in Venezuela have a right to intermediate range weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and the ongoing training and assistance of Iran’s Qods force?

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