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What Would You Do as President?

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2016
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We start by asking former congressional candidate Jim Lawrence what he’d first do if he were president, which leads to getting congress to embrace reform, problems with fraud and EB-5 and HB-1 visas, the rigged game in general, and a lot more. (Get the full podcast here.) Here’s a 36 second clip from the segment […]

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Hello, Justice Department

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2015
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If we are being honest the ideology most aligned with Islamic extremists is the statist extremism of the progressive American Left, who just happen to be funding this study. The Department of Justice is concentrating on “far-right” groups in a new study of social media usage aimed at combatting (sic) violent extremism.

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by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2013

If you gave Exxon Mobil an army, the ability to print their own currency, the power of taxation, the ability to set national energy policy, and executive authority to enforce it, what do you think might happen? If Democrats are to be believed they would do with oil and gas what Barack Obama and the […]

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