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Yes, The Feds Can Arrest and Charge Elected Leaders of Sanctuary Cities with a Crime

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2018

The effort to put pressure on sanctuary cities hopped back into the news cycle this week following remarks by Thomas Homan, the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We need to hold these politicians accountable for their actions,” Thomas Homan, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told Fox News. “This isn’t the America I […]

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Data Point – US Muslims and US Law vs Sharia

by Skip July 2, 2016

Assimilating (reformatted, emphasis mine)? From October 22 to October 26, 2012, Wenzel Strategies polled 600 U.S. Muslims of high socio-economic status. They were asked: Do you believe that criticism of Islam or Muhammad should be permitted under the Constitution’s First Amendment?  58% – “no”, 42% – “yes” Those who criticize or parody Islam in the U.S. […]

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NH GOP RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey shows fundamental problem in understanding the US Constitution

by Skip May 26, 2016

The UL has yet another evergreen piece on if NH would keep its FITN status during Presidential primaries as the RNC is already contemplating changing things up for the next primary.  Nothing new but what caught my eye was the complete idiocy on the part of  NH GOP RNC Committeeman Steve Duprey – it’s like […]

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Elect establishment candidates and government grows

by Don May 7, 2016

The American Revolution wasn’t fought for plunder or conquest, but for the ideas that people can govern themselves and have inherent (by birth) rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  For these ideas, wealthy, prominent Americans, prospering under British rule, pledged/risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor … and many endured hardships during the […]

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RIP Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia – politics to follow.

by Skip February 13, 2016

SHOT: US Constitution, Article II, Section 2: The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of […]

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NHCCS Constitution Day – Interview with Rich Girard of “Girard At Large”

by Skip September 21, 2015

Long day yesterday but worth it the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies (“NHCCS”) Constitution Day.  Got the chance to finally talk with people roaming around a bit instead of always behind the camera but did get a couple of interviews while running around checking cameras in some of the session rooms (as opposed to […]

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Where NH State Rep Barbara French (D-Henniker) gets it completely wrong, language and meaning wise

by Skip April 5, 2015

NH State Rep Barbara French (D-Henniker) had an Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor stating why she was not going to vote for the NH Budget.  Certainly and true to the Democrat form whereupon ANY lessening of a proposed budget calls for shrieks of death, damnation, and falsehoods (“Our state agencies have been severely cut over the […]

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So why does the Government keep trying to use the US Constitution to limit US?

by Skip November 18, 2014

As in “separation of church and State” when people try to exercise their Free Expression?  The US Constitution was to limit Government, not citizens.  It was to be OUR tool to keep Government in line; too often it seems that Government laws and regulations “supersede” our foundational law and are being used to keep US […]

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It’s Constitution Day – so what does the White House emphasize? Er….Obama?

by Skip September 17, 2014

…OBAMA! Happy Constitution Day! — The White House (@WhiteHouse) September 17, 2014 What was I thinking – that they’d actually tweet out, you know, something that really says “Constitution Day like a copy of the US Constitution?  Naw, just the “Constitutional Lecturer” – must be in the center of everything – it seems […]

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Can you spot what Obama left out in his Declaration?

by Skip September 16, 2014

Read carefully and slowly One year ago, our dedicated military and civilian personnel at the Washington Navy Yard were targeted in an unspeakable act of violence that took the lives of 12 American patriots. As we remember men and women taken from us so senselessly, we keep close their family and friends, stand with the […]

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Abe Lincoln – A Citizenry that has a government is responsible for it Constitution

by Skip September 1, 2014

…and not the other way around.  The Constitution is also a STANDARD – one that, in the last resort,  must be protected as well. For those that would pervert the meaning of the Constitution have already perverted the Government it describes.  The Constitution – Abe Lincoln says it is up to US, the people, to […]

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: no Live Free or Die for her!

by Skip August 10, 2014

“When you’re part of a society, you can’t separate yourself from the obligations that citizens have” Independent; rugged individualism; self-responsibility.  The old maxim (quick, good, or cheap) is to pick two and call me back.  Ginsburg can’t as it is obvious, just as the Left believes, those attributes are just archaic.  Sure, they worked when […]

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Scott Brown: running away from questions AGAIN (on US Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby / Religious Freedom)?

by Skip July 18, 2014

He runs away from debates.  He avoids forums.  When he is answering questions, from what I have heard and seen, he’s quite glib in starting to answer and then zig-zagging away off into tangents and not answering the questions directly.  But really, to go hide out in a bathroom to avoid a reporter asking a […]

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Being Constitutional is everybody’s business and concern – not just the Judiciary

by Skip June 27, 2014

NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”. NH State Rep. Susan Almy (D): “Well, you don’t get to decide what is Constitutional and I don’t get to decide what is Constitutional, the judiciary decides […]

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David Gregory: “Where is the US Constitution not placed in the right level today?

by Skip June 4, 2014

“There are some people who say that. That’s a very highly charged thing to say. Where is the US Constitution not placed in the right level today?” Here is the video: The longer version of this video is here; the above quote can be found at the 7:13 mark. As a national level MainStream Media […]

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I will not apologize for my Values

by Skip April 30, 2014

Why should I apologize for my Faith?  Why are my Family Values wrong?  And what is so dang wrong with having our NH Government govern within the bounds of the NH Constitution?  And why do our national politicians ignore the rather clear values enumerated in the US Constitution when they come up with laws that […]

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Notable Quote – Kyle Becker

by Skip April 25, 2014

“…What makes Constitutional conservatives different from progressives is that they do not desire to rule their political opposition or otherwise impose their will on their fellow citizens. Instead, most conservatives want to restore the nation to its Constitutional foundations, establish fiscal responsibility in government, reinstate the free market economic principles that allowed the majority of […]

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Guest post by the Hon. Bob Guida – “What Will You Tell YOUR Children?”

by Skip April 15, 2014

To those who believe that courts are infallible, or that they are the final arbiter of laws, think again. Reference Plessy v. Ferguson, Dred Scott v. Sandford, and Roe v. Wade.  Courts make mistakes – huge mistakes – all of which serve to underscore the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a judicial […]

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Kathy Sullivan’s tweet: what she gets wrong and Scott Brown doesn’t understand

by Skip April 2, 2014

Earlier today, Grokster Steve alerted the rest of us that Kathy Sullivan tweeted out my post describing and opining on the talk that Scott Brown gave last Wednesday: 1. Usually don't read Granitegrok but this post on @Senscottbrown house party hate to admit is must read. #nhpolitics — Kathy Sullivan (@NHKathySullivan) April 2, 2014 […]

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This advice should ring true to ALL Republicans – not just to NH State Senator Jeanie Forrester

by Skip March 23, 2014

Permission granted to post (and follows along with the words I just wrote: Jeanie, I’ve heard that the NH Senate – and quite a few senators – are thinking of voting in favor of SB 244. I was wondering if you’ve made up your mind and if you’ve had any discussions with other senators about […]

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Where I disagree with Steve on SB 120 – the NH Republican State Senator Incumbent Protection Racket Act

by Skip February 9, 2014

No,  Steve, it is NOT “not… intentional“: I’m not saying that any of this was intentional, by the way.  I’m saying that the sponsors are probably too blinkered by their own arrogance, trapped in the tunnel-vision of their own circumstances, to realize the destructive power of what they are trying to do. I believe SB120’s […]

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by Ed Naile January 20, 2014

Stay with me on this one. The weirdo/wife-murderer in a Massachusetts prison is supposedly going to get a sex realignment/mutilation job at the expense of taxpayers – not paid for by Hollywood , Harvard, or Federal judges, who cheer on this type of thing, and who, by the way, have the extra cash. Rush calls the […]

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“Germany was taken over because people didn’t take a stand. And I see the same thing happening here.”

by Skip December 30, 2013

World War II Airborne combat veteran Warenn (Renn) Bodeker, from Plains, Montana gives us an important message from his past experiences. Renn is a member of Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the […]

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I still can’t figure out how this Progressive gets theah from heah

by Skip December 8, 2013

Let’s be clear – it seems that for Progressives, politics drives their very being, and they pursue avidly.  It fills their souls so much that they can’t begin to grok that when conservatives talk about religious values, progressives think that use of personal religion conscience is only a dodge from agreeing with something in the […]

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Er, there is a reason why we don’t, Colin

by Skip December 8, 2013

Born – 1937 (now 76 years of age) ROTC, Army career 1956 – 1991 (35 years) Chair, Joint Chief of Staff – 1989 – 1993 National Security Advisor – 1987 through 1989 Secretary of State – 2001 through 2005 Pretty much his entire career, Colin Powell (former Army General, US Secretary of State) has worked […]

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This sounds about right. Problem is, some Repubs are the same way

by Skip November 30, 2013

“We are above that old, dusty, old-fashioned piece of parchment…..right?  So we’ll say that we love it – but ignore it when it becomes “inconvenient”. Yet, for only insisting that Government follow its own Fundamental Law, we’re the bad guys?

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Getting it Right on the “Nuclear Option” – Part 2

by Skip November 22, 2013

Steve has part of it right: This is about Reid helping Obama add additional liberal judges to the DC Circuit court, guaranteeing a policy advantage in perpetuity. Certainly that forms a bulwark that will protect Obama’s legislative agenda – any lower court appeals has to run through it.  The Supreme Court gets a whole lot […]

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And we Conservatives wonder why people aren’t outraged?

by Skip November 21, 2013

All around us, in print, on TV, in the blogosphere, I read, see, and listen how far we have come from the Founders Vision for America.  I look at the Lefty side and wonder “how do they get away with this?  How can they simply advocate for policies contra to our Fundamental Law, the values […]

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Notable Quote – The Fix: The Democrat Party is even MORE Extremist than the TEA Party

by Skip November 20, 2013

…True tea party members don’t represent a majority of the House GOP or the Senate GOP — not even close, in fact — but their influence and the party’s increasing emphasis on conservative purity have made them hold such sway that Americans see little daylight between folks like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Senate Minority […]

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NH GOP National Committeeman Steve Duprey on “Flat Earth TEA Partiers, and Ted Cruz Fans”

by Skip November 8, 2013

Even a casual reader of the ‘Grok knows that we have been writing about the Civil War now raging within the NH GOP and the GOP is general; the VA Governor race has brought that to the fore.  Nice to see, on the topic of expanding Medicaid here in NH, that former NH GOP Chair […]

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