University of Colorado

Rape News from Colorado

by Skip February 18, 2013

Can we throw in Whoopie Goldberg’s “rape rape” remark to set the stage?  This may turn out to be “enlightening”.  Earlier today, the University of Colorado (no Righty Ivory Tower, them) put out some guidelines for females for “rape prevention”.  Then a Colorado DEMOCRAT Representative Joe Salazer (not even an old white guy, he) decided […]

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Univ Of Colorado Professors….Almost Agree With Me

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2012

Back on September 22nd I posted an article  about two Professors from the University of Colorado who have a model for determining who will win the White House.  They’ve been right in every Presidential election for the past 30 years.   At that time they predicted Romney 320 to Obama 218. I said more like, Romney […]

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What is it with Professors Believing they are Arrogant Kings of their Classrooms?

by Skip August 31, 2012

Professors – what is it that convinces them that just because they are smart in their small “micro-field”, that expertise automatically  transfers to them the right to supercede the Rule of Law?  I’ve already had one run-in with a local professor: Bad laws are required to be broken by people of conscience and my conscience […]

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