Union Thuggery

Lying to Parents to have “power” over the child / Student? Head Teacher in Chicago is “all in” on this tactic

by Skip March 27, 2013

Sickening.  And make no mistake, if it is happening there, it is happening in your child’s school too.  Go ahead, watch the video and then ask yourself “Can I really trust my child’s teacher?” After all Karen Lewis is the head of the teachers union in Chicago – this is just a tactic of Chicago […]

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Witness To Union Thuggery

by Steve MacDonald December 14, 2012

Breitbart is posting a series of statements by people who observed or were objects of Union thuggery in Michigan.   I’ve posted one here on the front and several more on the jump.   They are each relatively short so take a few moments to watch them.  It is important to understand that this was not just […]

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Join the UAW! Smoke Dope, Drink Beer While You Work!

by Rick Olson December 12, 2012

 “Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.” —Chris Lowe You can’t make this stuff up! “Whistle Smoke Dope, Drink Beer While you work!” Thirteen UAW auto workers have been reinstated with back pay after being fired when they were caught drinking and smoking dope on break. In my own slice […]

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Michigan Union Thuggery – Give us what we want or we will hurt you!

by Skip December 11, 2012

Noted Conservative comedian Steven Crowder (whose videos we have posted here on the ‘Grok) paid a physical price simply for expressing a political  viewpoint.  Grokster Tim posted the video of the union thugs assaulting other peoples’ private property (the AFP tent) and Grokster Steve put up more updates. This one picture simply confirms what many […]

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A joke at a crass unionista’s expense

by Skip December 5, 2012

A union shop foreman walks into a bar next door to the factory and is about to order a drink to celebrate Obama’s victory when he sees a guy close by wearing a Romney for President button and two beers in front of him. He doesn’t have to be an Einstein to know that this […]

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A disheartened question from a reader – why?

by Skip November 19, 2012

Skip – why is it union members can go on strike, and then collect unemployment, medicaid, etc. Not only did the union members loose, but so did all their non-union co-workers. I might be tempted to pay a few union leaders a visit – for dinner of course.  Whatever happened to – you work, you […]

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Who killed the Twinkies??

by Skip November 16, 2012

Yep, Twinkies are about join the dodo birds and the woolly mammoths in the great waste can of history – and we have greedy union bosses to blame for all of the panic looks that the stoners are about to start getting when they realize that Twinkies are gone (not to mention a staple and […]

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Union Stormtroopers Training for Mob Rule?

by Tim Condon April 4, 2012

From today’s Washington Times: “Welcome to Occupy Spring. The Occupy Movement has become more sophisticated. Its 40 co-sponsors now include big names like the United Auto Workers, the International Brotherhood of  Teamsters,  and Moveon.org. When The 99% Spring was announced in February, organizers vowed to train 100,000 people. It looks like they’ll easily make that goal […]

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Repost: You Can’t Be A “Republican” And Vote Against Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2011

Supporting forced unionization is the same as supporting mandatory campaign contributions to the Unions and the Democrat party. There is no conceivable way to separate the two. Unions are funded by dues. Democrats receive millions of dollars from unions to promote their agenda. And in some cases to promote it violently.

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Prepare For The Barakaclypse

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2011

Every one of these was or is a left wing campaign to make leftist dogma look like centrist mantra. They exist to streamline progressive/socialsit thought into mainstream thinking. But they failed and so the latter iterations have become more destructive. Each “movement” has gotten progressively more unruly, progressively more violent.

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A Question for NH Democrats & Unions…

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2011

Is this the NH Democrat parties postion as well, and that of the state union, SEA, SEIU, Teamsters and others who are insisting that New Hampshire workers have no right to opt out of paying union dues just to get a job? Does the Federal government have the right to close a business or a facility in our state, and force those workers out of their employment, simply becasue they are either not unionized or have voted to de-certify the union, as is the case in South Carolina?

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by Rick Olson October 18, 2011

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater This weeks RINO OF THE WEEK is 15-term Representative Phyllis M. Katsakiores, Rockingham District 5, Derry. I had to carefully mull over the choices because over the past months the blog […]

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by Rick Olson October 18, 2011

“In hindsight it may even seem inevitable that a socialist society will starve when it runs out of capitalists.”  —Larry Niven How does one become an Occupy Wall Street Protestor? A quest for understanding in a somewhat complicated topic. Why? Because there are some who seem to demonstrate a modicum of intelligence and articulate usage […]

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by Rick Olson October 17, 2011

“Imagine a political system so radical as to promise to move more of the poorest 20% of the population into the richest 20% than remain in the poorest bracket within the decade? You don’t need to imagine it. It’s called the United States of America.”  —Thomas Sowell The collective voice of “Occupy Wall Street” has […]

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Talk about Failed Policies of the past…

by Steve MacDonald October 1, 2011

…he only can be recognised as a true Socialist who adheres to the struggle of classes. According to this conception, the wish of one class constitutes law; audacious minorities will oppress intimidated majorities, and the social war is to rage permanently.

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by Rick Olson September 23, 2011

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”—Mark Twain Reading Steve MacDonald’s entry, “You Can’t Be A Republican And Vote Against Right To Work“…caused me to once again step back and reevaluate the public debate about Right-to-Work. I opened House Bill 474 and carefully read it again…and […]

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SEA Sows The Dissent In Littleton NH – More Proof We Need Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2011

If even one person is forced forced to decide between a job in a union shop and funding their agenda and that of the left, it is one to many. It’s not right, and it runs contrary to the very nature of New Hampshire itself. There is no freedom in forcing tribute or tax for the the sake of employment. New Hampshire Republicans cannot serve two master here.

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Harrel Tweets On Right To Work

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2011

Poor, like rich, is an elastic concept which our friend Harrell and the Demolition party stretch to fit their narrative. It looks at wages but ignores things like cost of living, tax burden and relies entirely on total annual income as an arbitrary line drawn on a national chart, to define poverty, irrelevant of any other factor. But it is these factors that affect wages and as it turns out, states without Right to Work are exponentially more expense places to live and the average wage is grossly inadequate to meet those increased costs of living.

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Union Thuggery (and yes, it is a campaign ad)

by Skip September 13, 2011

You know, I feel sorry for the paving company owner; he’s worked hard for his small company (25-50 employees, $5M in sales) and now the unions come along with a swagger of " And given that President Obama has YET to disavow the "S.O.B." smear of the TEA Party by HIS favorite Union dude, I […]

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Out of State Influence Gets ‘Republican’ Kevin Janvrin Elected.

by Steve MacDonald September 10, 2011

Sitting atop their mountains of out of state money thNH Democrats are forever demagoging the issue (of outside influence). So I am waiting patiently for them to denounce the newly elected Republican House Rep from Rockingham county, Kevin Janvrin, who has finance reports just screaming extremist, outside influence.

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Who Is Working America and Why Are They In My Mailbox?

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2011

Don’t throw away that mailer just yet. They spent a lot of money sending you that postage paid return envelope, and they probably spent a lot of money on the postage. And it would be a shame to waste that per-paid envelope. Maybe you should return those cards like they asked? Maybe let them know what you think?

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Starve A Union Save A Teacher

by Steve MacDonald August 20, 2011

The state has no right to come between the union and its workers right? Well I think I agree, because we now know how that works out.

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Where’s Our Cheese?

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2011

…have New Hampshire’s low tax, local government, just leave me alone voters decided that a tax and spend, intrusive big government guy like Perry is the new (old) direction they want to pursue?

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Meet Bob “Bathroom Bill” Perry (Reprise)

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2011

So if you’re interested in more unaccountable government, a debt spending state legislature, balloon bills, regulatory restrictions that scare off jobs, late night taxes passed without one single hearing, and an endless string …half-witted, poorly thought out mandates like the one that could have turned every ladies locker-room or public bathroom into a drive thru for every drunk guy, horny adolescent, or sex offender who has suddenly felt the need to get in touch with their feminine side (or your wives or daughters), then you want Bob Perry.

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Top-100(?) donors to Political Candidates and Parties. And the Winner is…?

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2011

I don’t think they can compete with one particular “special interest” donor and their support of democrats. Actually no one can. They are a violent, noisy, sliver of the electorate, and they are still outspending not just every other group, but most or all of them added together;

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Union Derangement Syndrome

by Skip June 28, 2011

Usually, BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) or PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is actually describing those that pretty much go off the rails when either President Bush or Gov. Sarah Palin comes up.  Here, however, my fellow Samsphere blogger friend, Maggie Thurber (Thurber’s Thoughts) takes apart a local union VP of communication as he runs off the […]

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What If You Could Not Leave?

by Tim Condon June 21, 2011

So is it any surprise that the unions and their pet government bureaucracy the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the epitome of the fox in the hen house, didn’t want Boeing to move any of its manufacturing from Washington State (where employees are forced to join unions), to South Carolina (where workers have actual rights.)

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It’s all about the hatred…..and “ME!” and my Union grievance

by Skip June 9, 2011

We all know about the union antics of the Wisconsin unions and their supportive "fleebagger" Democrat Senators that fled the state this past winter and spring as Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans tried to fix structural problems with that state’s budget. Well, it seems that some there haven’t heard the Fat Lady singing (not […]

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Right To Work – “Dear State Legislator”

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2011

I realize most of the (Merrimack) town delegation supports right to work but as we approach the override vote I wanted to impart these remarks. If any business but a union demanded $50.00 every month from every employee, for benefits and used some of that money to finance its mostly one-party political action funding, there would be hell to pay. No one of any political party would support that. Now imagine if they had to do it or they could not work there?

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Right To Work Override

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2011

If Exxon Mobile demanded $50.00 per month from all its employees, every month, to pay for benefits and it’s political action agenda, the left would shit kittens, protest, and then engage in well funded, partisan series of lawsuits until the company was forbidden from using that money for political activity.

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