Unfunded Mandates

There’s a problem with SB3 – the proposed election law

by Skip May 17, 2017

Yeah, Concord Monitor again, this time on SB3 that proposes to tighten up NH’s election law on the word “domicile” and cut out the nonsense that has basically allowed drive-by-voting for decades (and yes, we’ve been writing about this for years here at the ‘Grok).  I applaud the Rs for trying to do something about […]

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Common Core and “unfunded mandate” – hmmm!

by Skip December 6, 2013

From the NH Constitution: [Art.] 28-a. [Mandated Programs.] The state shall not mandate or assign any new, expanded or modified programs or responsibilities to any political subdivision in such a way as to necessitate additional local expenditures by the political subdivision unless such programs or responsibilities are fully funded by the state or unless such […]

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ObamaCare: The Gift That No-One’s Taking

by Mike December 25, 2012

ObamaCare is truly the gift that (almost) nobody’s taking: In spite of Re-Re-extensions of the deadline for states to file plans to implement the state insurance exchanges, which must be up and running by October 2013, the majority of states (26+) have now flat-out refused to swallow the bitter pill. Why would this federally sponsored […]

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