Unfunded Mandates

Common Core and “unfunded mandate” – hmmm!

by Skip December 6, 2013

From the NH Constitution: [Art.] 28-a. [Mandated Programs.] The state shall not mandate or assign any new, expanded or modified programs or responsibilities to any political subdivision in such a way as to necessitate additional local expenditures by the political subdivision unless such programs or responsibilities are fully funded by the state or unless such […]

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ObamaCare: The Gift That No-One’s Taking

by Mike December 25, 2012

ObamaCare is truly the gift that (almost) nobody’s taking: In spite of Re-Re-extensions of the deadline for states to file plans to implement the state insurance exchanges, which must be up and running by October 2013, the majority of states (26+) have now flat-out refused to swallow the bitter pill. Why would this federally sponsored […]

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