Data Points – an amalgam

by Skip April 18, 2014

Been real busy so playing catch up.  Here’s a few unconnected, disjoint factoids: Census says!  86.5 million workers are supporting 148 non-workers. Enough people riding in the wagon for you, Zandra Rice-Hawkins, Jeanne Shaheen, and President Obama? The average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity hit a March record of 13.5 cents, according data released […]

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Democrat War on Work – What Do You Mean ‘Where Have The Workers Gone?’

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2014
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Democrats are not the party of work, or the American family.  Their ‘American Dream’ is a nation crowded with dependents. Under Democrat rule work force participation has plummeted while government dependence has skyrocketed. There is no mystery.  Millions or worker did not “vanish from the workforce.”  They were driven out by a sustained, regulatory assault […]

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Minimum Wage Hike = Fewer Jobs, Higher Prices

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2014
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We’ve talked about this.  Obama wants to kill jobs.  NH Democrats want to kill some jobs.  Make prices go up.  Reduce full-time opportunities.  Make it harder for new or unskilled people to find work.  Everyone knows what will happen, and still the Democrats persist.  They are willing to harm New Hampshire families to pad their […]

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State Controlled Wages – Who Actually Benefits?

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2014
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New Hampshire Democrats think the government knows what an hour of labor is worth.  They think that because it does things that are good for Democrats and only Democrats. A State controlled wage  reduces competition by pricing out mom and pops and small business owners leaving larger companies unchallenged in the marketplace.  Yes, Democrats are […]

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The NH Democrats “War On Work”

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2014

The cost of doing business has a direct effect on your ability to hire, retain, and reward employees.  The more time and money you must expend interfacing with the bureaucracy, and the army of flying compliance monkeys being waved out the castle window by successive Democrat run governments, the fewer resources you have left over […]

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NH Democrat Sylvia Larsen – “Hey, Let’s Scare Employers Away From and Out Of New Hampshire!”

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2014
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Kimberly Morin has a very revealing piece at Examiner.com in which she parses NH Democrat Sylvia Larsen’s proposed Senate Bill SB207. Larsen, hewing to her progressive busy-body roots, is set on something she calls ‘paycheck equality,’ but as Morin observes, it is not just a ridiculous idea that attempts to patronize to populist ignornace to […]

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Data Point – 6.7% Unemployment Rate: not good news.

by Skip January 10, 2014

Official rate: Drop from 7.0 to 6.7% More accurate measure: 13.1% (U6) only 74,000 new jobs created (expected: 200,000) 525,000 workers have dropped out of the workforce, artificially decreasing the unemployment rate Labor participation rate dropped to 62.8% (back to Jimmy Carter days) (H/T: The Corner)

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If You Have No Clue How To Fix It – Just Try And Hide It

by Steve MacDonald January 9, 2014
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After five years of saying you fixed it, followed by ObamaCare–which will just make employment matters worse, this might send a message that you can’t fix it and should be replaced. Typically, the Unemployment Insurance program lasts for 26 weeks of unemployment with an additional 13 weeks during recessions.  Most of the cost is purveyed […]

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Our Recovery Is So Good…We Demand You Extend Unemployment Benefits

by Steve MacDonald January 8, 2014
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Snow and cold are a sign of global warming.   Income is a sign that you don’t pay enough taxes–unless you are a Democrat or in entertainment.  Opposition is a sign that you are a racist, a misognyst hater unless you oppose self-responsibility, affordable government, and low taxes (Republicans, or the TEA Party).   The Affordable […]

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The Ghosts of Minimum Wages Past, Present, and Future

by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2013
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New Hampshire Democrats, at both the state and federal level, are looking for a distraction from the lump of coal that Obama-Care put in America’s stocking this holiday season.  The misdirection they have settled on is an increase in the minimum wage. According to the Valley news local Democrats are looking to promote a state […]

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Why Not Raise the Minimum Wage to $100/Hour?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2013
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If employers had to pay even the least competent of their weak links a Benjamin an Hour we could make everyone rich almost overnight.  So why don’t the “We must raise the minimum wage” chest-pounding, axe-grinding, we-care-about-the-poor-more-than-you-proponents of increasing this arbitrary price point on the value of labor insist on it?  Because they know, deep […]

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Unions And Democrats Sacrificing More Entry Level Jobs on Their Progressive Alter

by Steve MacDonald December 5, 2013
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The professional union driven “strikes” being fomented by professional jack-asses around the nation are the culmination of several layers of manufactured failure and outrage.  First, the Democrats have been ruining the economy and expanding the part-time employment culture–that’s planned failure.  And now that these people feel trapped (as intended) the unions are organizing them to […]

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Pro-Obama Bureaucrats Manipulated Employment Numbers in Run Up To 2012 Election

by Steve MacDonald November 19, 2013
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Anyone who was not up to their eye-balls in the Blue Kool Aid already knew this was true while it was happening. The Census employee caught faking the results is Julius Buckmon, according to confidential Census documents obtained by The Post. Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to […]

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Data Point – More people not working than when Obama took office

by Skip October 22, 2013

The number of Americans who are 16 years or older and who have decided not to participate in the nation’s labor force has climbed to a record 90,609,000 in September, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   The BLS counts a person as participating in the labor force if they are […]

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Welcome….To the Real World

by Steve MacDonald October 11, 2013
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Yahoo News has a top story on how furloughed federal workers are getting bored.  It’s called ‘Shutdown Science: Furloughed Workers Feel the Burden of Boredom.’ Welcome to the real world. A world where tens of  millions have been unemployed so long they have stopped looking and left the workforce.  And yet, we’ve had no ‘science’ […]

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Data Point – there a reason why unemployment is so low – and it ain’t a good one

by Skip August 30, 2013

“a 34 year low” – the ONLY way that the 7.4% unemployment rate exists is because of the way it is computed.  It is this low because the unemployed, underemployed, and “have just given up” are not in this particular measure that Government normally touts.  The important number, the REALLY important one, is how many […]

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Is it a Recovery or is it a Coma? (Hint: It’s the Barack Obama/Jeanne Shaheen Coma!)

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2013
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It is not a recovery unless by recovery you mean that we have been put into a coma…for reasons you are free to speculate on yourselves. “Household incomes are still down 4.4% since the recession ended four years ago…” “…the inflation-adjusted median household income remains $2,380 below where it stood when the Obama “recovery” officially […]

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Job Killer Remarks on Breaking Ground for New Job Corps Center in NH

by Steve MacDonald August 21, 2013
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So we spent trillions more and added 7 trillion to the deficit, and all we ever really need was a Job Corps Center? WMUR “The Manchester Job Corps Center will equip low-income youth with the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. The result will pay dividends for not only these young people […]

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I Dream Of Jeannie Shaheen – Sort Of…

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2013

We’re always trying to create new audio that we hope you find amusing or that, at the very least, aggravates progressives.  With that in mind I took some basic information about unemployment and deficit spending combined them with “suitable” background music, to create a GrokTALK! PSA on New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Here’s a sneak […]

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A full time job makes one independent; what does a part time job do? Another manifestation of Cloward-Obama?

by Skip August 5, 2013

Yes, it makes you dependent on someone – or something, right?  Grokster Steve relates that under the Obama Administration, we are becoming a nation of part-timers.  Here is an infographic from The Corner: Obama owns this.  The Democrats own this.  The New Left (Socialists, Communists) own this.  Everyone that voted for Obama, to be their […]

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Makes Perfect Sense- Part-Time Employment-Nation Run by Part-Time President

by Steve MacDonald August 5, 2013

Yes, yes, we know the left promised good jobs with living wages for American families.  The left promised us we’d be under boiling seas as well–didn’t stop the limousine liberals from owning or spending slivers of their fortunes on beachfront property.  Obama Care was filled with more progressive promises than you can shake a multi-thousand […]

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Barack’s Pair of Brunswick 16′s

by Scott Morales June 29, 2013

Now and then I find myself astonished by our President. His ability to move from one part of a room to another fluidly, gracefully, and without the least bit of a stammer, stumble, or trip in his gait is quite remarkable. I marvel watching him playing basketball and skirting around the court seemingly unencumbered by […]

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Data Point – Unemployment vs Labor Market Participation

by Skip June 18, 2013

If Obama is the LightBringer, how about shedding a bit of light on those workers His economy has forgotten?  Oh yeah – he wants to bring in millions more illegal-to-legal-by-power-of-His-Word into this country.  Wonder what all those Americans-of-the-red-line (mostly, the lower skilled American worker that will have all that much harder of a time competing […]

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To Win, Republican Candidates better Listen to the People

by Don June 14, 2013

As I read the Commentary titled, “Why Republicans should support immigration reform”, by five former New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman (see The Citizen of Laconia on June 11 and the Union Leader on June 6, 2013), I couldn’t help feeling that I was seeing why Republicans have lost so many elections lately.  No matter what […]

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The Glory Of EU Policies Expressed in Youth/Young Adult Unemployment

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2013

Yeah.  Lets be more like them.

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Data Point – Obama’s employment policies still failing the American worker

by Skip May 4, 2013

  He owns this, not Bush.  He has no one else to blame but himself. And the people I feel most badly for are the twenty-somethings – they voted for this incompetent who has now set their lives onto the slow track. (H/T: Instapundit)

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Reality Alert to the Ivory Tower:

by Skip April 27, 2013

Emphasis mine: On Tuesday, New Hampshire adjunct professors stood outside Manchester Community College to protest the limit. Some said the realization that the health care law they once supported is being used against them was a harsh reality to swallow. Craig Lange is a member of the team that has been negotiating for a contract […]

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The Obama Bell-Palsy Employment Curve

by Scott Morales April 6, 2013

A booming, and initially perceived, oddity emanated from the White House like a streaking tie-dyed progressive woman jaunting across the south lawn with the vapors after having just caught a glimpse of The One standing in the Rose Garden doing…well… nothing as usual, but closer inspection reveals the tie-dyed streaking woman was just Chris Matthews […]

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Sequester Will Destroy 170 Million Jobs

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2013

I confess that I missed this (until now). Democrat Maxine Waters (D- Doh!), relieved that she is not in prison for all the corruption she has engaged in while elected to the US House of representatives, is making up for that by just being herself. “We don’t need to be having something like sequestration that’s going to […]

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Data Point – Unemployment rate EVEN with Obama’s Stimulus

by Skip March 8, 2013

(Image H/T: AEIdeas) Drop outs from the Labor force at all time high: 89,304,000 The Corner:   Were the unemployment rate today measured against the same workforce participation as when President Obama took office four years ago, the unemployment rate today would be 10.7 percent.

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